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October 17, 2011

Billy's Boston Chowder HouseAlright, all you ex-pat Bostonians and lover of things New England, you’ll be happy to know that a little bit of home is coming to you right here in Los Gatos with the recently opened Billy’s Boston Chowder House. 

The website is not yet fully up, but you can find a page on this new eatery online with a hint of things to come:

One look at the menu and I’m ready for a meal out!

Billy’s is located on the site of the former Twenty Nine East Main Cafe (or 2wenty-9ine – perhaps the name was too confusing?), which offered great pizza.  Now it looks like fabulous fish offerings (Fridays in Lent sure to be booked!).  If they bring in TVs with Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins and Celtics games they will for sure find a very loyalist crowd of fans who can’t easily get these games, let alone that food, without a prohibitive TV package at home.

Since I just discovered this spot, I’ll admit that I haven’t tried it yet – but it’s on my radar and I intend to give it a spin soon and update this post at that time.

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Meanwhile, Go Pats!