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July 21, 2011

One of my favorite places to eat in downtown Los Gatos has been Jasmine Chinese – the food was both good and affordable.

Jasmine Chinese Restaurant in downtown Los Gatos, CARecently the restaurant changed hands, and soon after (in June 2011), was remodeled. A few days ago, my daughter and I stopped in for lunch to see what was new. We noted a few changes. The general layout is exactly the same. The carpet looks new, I believe the booths also are new. The walls no longer sport art for sale. But the biggest difference that I could see was in the menu.

Lunch specials used to be offered beginning at $7.25 each but now the lowest priced items for lunch are at $8.25 (almost 15% increase in pricing). The much loved Chinese chicken salad is still offered (“Jasmine shredded chicken salad”), but “chicken salad” is also offered – we didn’t try that so I’m not sure if it’s better or not. The Jasmine shredded chicken salad is as good as ever, though. I have a sweet tooth so did order the tangerine chicken dish – and it was excellent.

There continue to be many nice vegetarian offerings and now there’s a “healthy and light” section on the menu, too. The website seems to emphasize healthier food items and no MSG.

For some reason, the new owners have also changed the website (from to

We wish the new owners much success with Jasmine.

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September 17, 2008

Jasmine Chinese Restaurant - good food in downtown Los GatosLos Gatos is not known for “affordable dining”, but here and there we find hidden gems with good food and very reasonable prices. That’s the case with Jasmine Chinese in downtown Los Gatos, a modest restaurant in an upscale part of town.

Lunch at Jasmine Chinese is a very good deal if you keep to the specials menu. For $7.25, you can enjoy one of the house lunch combination dishes, such as sweet & sour pork, plus soup, rice and hot tea, of course. If that’s too much for for a midday meal, there are smaller lunch specials for $6.25, including a heaping plate of Chinese Chicken Salad, a dish of almond chicken and rice or several other selections. Dinners are more expensive, but still very affordable by downtown Los Gatos standards.

Variety is abundant here, so Jasmine is a great place to bring children, vegetarians, those with special diet constraints, folks preferring mild or spicy food and even picky eaters. I have eaten there dozens of times, mostly at lunch but also for dinner, and have found the staff to be consistently conscientious about “food issues” and special needs. Service is uniformly good and the staff very pleasant.

My own favorite menu items include the eggrolls, the chinese chicken salad, tangerine chicken, hot & sour soup, any of the kung pao dishes and any of the eggplant dishes.

Like many Chinese restaurants, Jasmine will prepare food “to go” as well.

This restaurant can be a little difficult to find for some people, but it’s actually in a great, central location. It is in the Lyndon Shopping Center (which is where the old Lyndon Hotel used to stand and where famous people like Charlie Chaplain and John Steinbeck used to drop in for a drink). That building is a bit of a maze, but Jasmine is on the outside, facing Main Street, just in from the corner of Main and Santa Cruz Avenues. There’s free valet parking, and also a public lot off Main Street that backs up to Mountain Charlie’s and St. Mary’s School, so it should always be possible to park.

Jasmine Chinese Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner weekdays, and open for dinner on Saturday and Sunday. For more information, see their website,

Jasmine Chinese
20 South Santa Cruz Ave.
Los Gatos, CA 95030