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On Monday, Jim and picked up sandwiches at the American Italian Deli for lunch. The day was nice, but was about to change, so we wanted to have our outdoor lunch before the weather made that less appealing. We really appreciate patio dining options!


American Italian Deli LG - outside seating

American Italian Deli – nice outside dining space as well as some indoor seating

The American Italian Deli has a good sized patio, and some tables include umbrellas. The area does not feel crowded, and it’s fairly quiet as it faces a parking lot rather than North Santa Cruz Avenue. (People watching not as interesting, but the quiet and lack of car fumes was great.)

Instead of music, the the audio featured a talk-radio news station. That made it more difficult to chat during our meal, and was distracting with war stories and politics going in the background.

Bar style seating on stools as well as some table seating was provided indoors and, as mentioned, there were plenty of seats outside, too.

I should add that this eatery was spotless – absolutely pristine – when we were there.

Location bonus: it’s right next door to the newly opened Domus (which had been closed, and missed, for more than a decade).


American Italian Deli LG - counter and menu

Good sandwich selections


The menu was pleasantly diverse, which a good selection of breads, meats, plus tuna fish, and vegetarian options. The shop smelled wonderful. The walls were festooned with sports memorabilia as well as some “Godfather” references and a couple of Corleone license plates. It makes for a fun atmosphere.


American Italian Deli LG - interior


The staff was friendly and quick all around: taking our order, ringing me up, and getting our sandwiches prepared. If you are short on time, this deli is a great option for a grab and go!

Jim decided on The Godfather. The photos were taken outside at our table, which has a red awning, so the colors are a little off.


The Godfather sandwich at the American Italian Deli in Los Gatos

He found it to be very tasty and enjoyed it tremendously. (What he got seemed to be more bread and less meat and veggies than what we later saw on the deli’s website, though.)


I ordered the “Monday Special” with oven roasted turkey on dark rye with an addition of Swiss cheese. The staff stacked it beautifully and used a perfect amount of condiments to it.


Monday special oven roasted turkey on dark rye


Everything looked and smelled great. Unfortunately, the turkey was quite dry, and I enjoyed my sandwich more when I removed it. (I had Jim give it a taste and he concurred that it was very dry.)

Final thoughts

Prices were reasonable! In addition to our sandwiches, we both had a diet Coke for $3.25 each. I tipped $5, even though it was counter service. The sandwiches were $10.95 each, and mine had added cheese for $1.25 more. With tax (pre tip), our total was $31.33, which is really reasonable for a meal in downtown Los Gatos. (Sandwiches are more at Los Gatos Meats, a sandwich shop that is legendary in our area – and for good reason.)

Parking is easy. This delicatessen is right next to a public lot, and an underground lot is just a block away.

The interior and exterior are clean and pleasant, and the employees were super nice, too.

Yes, we’ll go again. I’m assuming that the turkey being dry was a one-off and not typical in any way. We will go again and give them another try and see what other menu items call out to be enjoyed.


American Italian Deli LG
42 Elm Street (close to N Santa Cruz Ave), Los Gatos
408-399-DELI (3354)
Monday – Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 10am-5pm
Find them online:


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