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November 15, 2011

On Sunday afternoon, a 17 year old girl was attacked by a would-be kidnapper on Lark Avenue near the Los Gatos Creek Trail.  She fought back and got away.  The police have issued a press release (which does not appear to be on the town’s website – I looked under the crime alerts and crime info and didn’t find it there).  I have uploaded it to one of my sites, though, and you can read the attempted kidnapping press release by clicking on this link (it will bring up a pdf of the file).

The victim gave a good, detailed description of both the attacker (a 45 year old looking Hispanic male, appx. 5’6″ and 150 lbs wearing dirty paint-spattered jeans and a red shirt) and his vehicle (dark brown car with patches of non-matching paint, either blue or black). Please read the entire press release for all of the details.  Let’s get this guy off the street.