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Holiday Encore Sale benefitting EMQ

EMQFFEMQ (previously known as Eastfield Ming Quong) is hosting a “Holiday Encore Sale” Oct. 10 and Oct. 11 2015 from 9 – 4 at the EMQ FamiliesFirst Community Room at its center in Campbell.  This fundraiser is being run by the EMQ Auxilary and the Butter Paddle (the Los Gatos store run by volunteers, many of whom are Los Gatans, with profits supporting EMQ)  in support of children and their families who are in crisis.  Locals know, but newcomers may not, that EMQ has a site here in Los Gatos, too.)

Donations are being sought for like new and very gently used holiday items.

Address: EMQFF Community Room 251 Llewellyn Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008

For more details:


Learn more:

EMQ represents the merger years ago of two organizations: Eastfield and Ming Quong.

To learn about EMQFF’s work:

Interesting history of Ming Quong: Ming Quong: A History of Rescuing Chinese American Girls (the stuff of movies!)

Info on Donaldina Cameron, who founded the Ming Quong Home for girls and the Chung Mei Home for boys.

Cameron House in San Francisco

Los Gatos Seniors of Distinction Award

June 08, 2011

Los Gatos Seniors of DistinctionEach year, the Seniors of Distinction award is given to a resident of Los Gatos or Monte Sereno who’s made “outstanding contributions” to the community.  Sponsored by the Terraces of Los Gatos and the Los Gatos Weekly Times, this year’s presentation was the 15th annual event honoring fabulous senior members of our community.

The 2011 event took place yesterday and the Seniors of Distinction award was presented to Ms. Jo Grenier, who has worked with tremendous dedication and zeal (10 hours per day for the last 15 years) as the Pantry Coordinator with St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Los Gatos to serve the homeless in our area.  I learned a little about Jo from Pam Bancroft of the Terraces: “She is personally responsible for saving the lives of at least 3 homeless men, in addition to setting up the program that provides weekly showers, food, and permanent housing assistance (and one of the men in attendance last night is moving to an apt. this weekend, which was a thrill to see!).”

An honorable mention was given to Don Callahan for his outstanding dedication and efforts with the Los Gatos Community Foundation, where he was a board member and past president from 1990 to 2008. The LGCF supports a wide variety of community events and causes, from the new library being constructed in town to the tree lighting ceremony and loads of other good causes.  Check out their website to learn more, and also please see the page listing  friends, supporters and sponsors too. (In full disclosure, I’ll add that Don is a friend of mine and also a Realtor in town at Coldwell Banker.)

Presenting the awards were Los Gatos MayorMayor Joe Pirzynski to Jo Grenier (who was awarded an engraved plaque and an overnight stay at the Hotel Los Gatos) and Dick Sparrer, the editor of the Los Gatos Weekly Times, presented the Honorable Mention to Don Callahan.

Congratulations and a big THANK YOU to Jo and also to Don for all the good they do for Los Gatos and the west valley! Thanks also to The Terraces and the Los Gatos Weekly Times for sponsoring this event.

The Season of Sharing and An Inspiring Example in Los Gatos

December 23, 2008

The San Jose Mercury News ran a nice piece about a Los Gatos resident who’s doing some big sharing during these difficult times in Silicon Valley. Have a read about Jennifer Krach and how she’s helping – and how you can, too:

Los Gatos mom pledges $100,000 to help families in crisis

Now that’s the true holiday spirit!  Thanks, Jennifer. You are an inspiration!

Holiday Gift Idea: Novel by Local Author"Child of the Shadows"

November 04, 2007

Child of the Shadows, a novel by Jack R Sorenson of Los Gatos, CAThird Generation Los Gatan
Jack R. Sorenson’s Fantasy Novel

Inspired and imaginative, The Child of the Shadows is Jack R.Sorenson’s fantasy story of magic, growth, hope, and the classic issues of good and evil.

Folks who enjoyed reading the Harry Potter series will find many things to like in this book as well, as it shares some of the hallmarks: the use of enchantment and the element of “another world” being among them.

Best of all in this tome is character development. The individuals we meet are complex and intriguing, all with several dimensions to them. In Child of the Shadows, the main players are not always what they seem at first glance – or second, or third.

A month or two ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Jack in person and talking with him about his book, about Los Gatos, ghosts and some neat history of the town. He has a wonderful “sense of story” that he’s putting onto paper and I expect to see his current work become a series in a short period of time.

I promised Jack I would read his book and write about it in my Live in Los Gatos blog. At the current time, I’m only halfway through the very long (500 + page) novel. With several open books on my nightstand at once, nothing is consumed too fast, but this one is worthy of a mention for your holiday gift list – well before the end of the year, by which time I’ll have finished it!

Where to find the book? It’s available at the Los Gatos Public Library and online at Amazon.

Nice Article about an Inspiring Los Gatos Woman: Peggy Fleming

August 17, 2007

There are a lot of cool people in Los Gatos, and some of them are actually famous. You can go to Wikipedia or other places to get a partial list of the high-profile people who live here or have lived here. I tend to avoid naming names on this blog because I figure most of those folks would rather just try to live a normal life and be somewhat incognito.

Yes, most of the famous people – I believe – really just want to be treated like regular folks (at least most of the time). Fame can be a great thing, but it can also be a terrible thing. It’s terrible when you cannot enjoy a restaurant meal or just go shopping “like a normal person” because people won’t leave you alone. It’s also a downer when you aren’t really sure who your friends are because so many just want to hang on your coattails because you’re doing well and in the spotlight.  It is a nightmare when paparazzi have you in their sites and microanalyze your every move or people follow you in your car because they’re curious or who knows what.

On the flip side, fame can offer some perks – it can be fun at times, but perhaps most of all, it can help those who have it to do a world of good when they bring attention to an important cause. 

And that’s the case with Peggy Fleming, the famous Olympian skater, who resides here with her family here in The Cats.  I always smile to see her around town, and I always leave her alone. Our sons went to preschool together, and attended the same high school, though I don’t think they really knew each other then (and I’m sure she would not remember me). So over the years, I’ve seen her here and there and thought it was neat that she was and is a woman with no “airs”. Just another nice mom around town, but one I respect a lot.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to her than what I’ve mentioned so far. Just now I read a neat article about Peggy Fleming Jenkins and all of this is just a lead-in to that. The article discusses her battle with breast cancer and the work she does in that arena now (as well as many other things, professional and personal, such as work with her and her husband’s wines).

So have a read, and be inspired. There are good people all around us. Sometimes we just need to have the spotlight shine on them a bit so we know about it, and hopefully can be inspired to do some good ourselves as well.