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Classic Burger Signin Los Gatos CALos Gatos has no shortage of excellent restaurants, many of which, but not all, are located in the downtown area.  Out on “The Boulevard”, though – Los Gatos Blvd – there are some wonderful eateries that Los Gatans appreciate & frequent.  One of them is my family’s favorite hamburger place: Classic Burgers of Los Gatos.

Yesterday my son, Brian, and I stopped there on our way home from an errand, getting lunch to go for the family.  The Classic Burgers menu is so huge and the food so good that I was inspired to give it a review here on Live in Los Gatos.   This old fashioned grill has been part of the community for 17 years but for newcomers, it may be one of the town’s better kept secrets.

Classic Burgers prides itself on making food to order, so it’s always fresh (as opposed to fast food from chains where the food is made before you order it and sitting under a heat lamp).  The burgers can’t be beat – you can choose which type of cheese to include, if desired, and get them with or without extras, such as avocado. Additionally, you can get a vegetarian “Garden Burger”, a turkey burger, and even an Alaskan Salmon burger.

Classic Burger Indoor ViewIt’s not just burgers at Classic Burger, thoughThe Classic Burger menu is very extensive and offerings include hot dogs (also chili dogs & corn dogs), patty melts (with or without extras such as bacon, avocado, chili or mushrooms), chicken nuggets and a good array of sandwiches (steak, bbq beef, pastrami, linguica, fish, tuna, turkey, ham, grilled cheese, BLT and many more).  Want more? The menu keeps going: burrito, chicken teriyaki & rice bowl, burrito, shrimp in a basket, bowl of chili, egg roll and clam strips. The last few items are side dish selections, but of course you can also find french fries, onion rings, fried zucchini and mushrooms too.

The beverage menu is likewise extremely large…especially if you want a milkshake. Along with the standard sodas, punch & iced tea which we see at most places, this old style burger joint includes slushies and milkshakes on their menu.  We are not talking about 3 or 4 milkshake flavors, though: it’s about two dozen flavors, with unique items such as these: blueberry, boysenberry, banana, cherry, Oreo, fudge, peach, caramel, mocha, orange, creme de menthe (and many more) along with the standard chocolate, vanilla & strawberry.  Malts and floats are also available! Three sizes too: small, medium & large.

Naturally, where you find milkshakes you’ll also find icre cream on the menu.  Here it’s not just a dish or cone: hungry patrons can also enjoy a chocolate dipped cone, a sundae or banana split. Many toppings are featured too, of course.

Classic Burgers is an unpretentious place with down to earth prices.  Orders & seating can be indoors or out, so this is an all-weather place.  They are happy to do phone orders, too, so if you’re in a hurry just call ahead.

What does the food cost?  A single hamburger is just $2.95.  Six chicken nuggest are just $2.40.  A medium shake is $3.55 (and worth every penny).  Each week day, a special is offered.  For anywhere from $5.35 to $8.25, enjoy a main item plus small fries and  small soda. You do not have to spend a lot to get a great meal at Classic Burgers.

Classic Burger Los Gatos outdoor menuIt would be an injustice to do this post and not mention that the people working at Classic Burgers are very pleasant and helpful.  I’ve only had good encounters there.

Classic Burgers of Los Gatos is a very kid-friendly restaurant, even for the messiest of eaters since in most weather you can eat outdoors.  It’s one of the most affordable restaurants in town, so a great place for the budget conscious diner.  It’s possible for a vegetarian to eat here, too.  Much more challenging is the selection for the visitor who’s on a diet or diabetic (since most of the main dishes are grilled or fried).   If you’re trying to watch the calories or carbs, get your burger or other main dish here and take it home and eat a salad on the side to round on the meal a little more healthfully. It is definitely worth the effort.


Classic Burgers of Los Gatos

15737 Los Gatos Blvd. (between Los Gatos-Almaden Road and Blossom Hill Road – very close to LG-Almaden)
Tel 408 356-6910

(As with all my posts on local businesses and food establishments, this is not a paid post but comes as a result of my favorable personal experience there.)