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Creekside Village on Google MapsCreekside Village is one of the youngest subdivisions in Los Gatos, and it’s located in a prime “walk to town” neighborhood with the highly prized Los Gatos schools. As the name implies, this community of houses sits alongside the scenic Los Gatos Creek (the Los Gatos Creek Trail is on the far side of the water from these properties).  All of these factors make the Creekside Village neighborhood a very attractive option for house hunters.

This subdivision was built by Barry Swenson with prefab or manufactured housing between 2005 and 2006 on the former site of a mobile home park.

There are 60 single family homes, ranging in size from 1251 square feet to 1747 SF (average home size is 1503 SF). Lots are mostly smaller, ranging from 1845 to 8909 SF, with the average parcel being 2846.

The garages are either single car or 2 car tandem. While the Creekside Village houses are not big, the interiors are beautifully appointed and there’s nothing modest feeling about them in that regard.

All homes are on Creekside Village Drive and are assigned the 95032 zip code. It’s a very tidy community and includes a home owner’s association for the shared amenities such as the clubhouse, pool, workout room, private road, and parking. While there is an HOA, it is not a condominium community. The preliminary title reports for these homes states that ownership is “in fee”. So not held in condo ownership.

Here’s a street view close to the clubhouse and entrance to the neighborhood. Note that there are narrow, private roads, and no parking allowed on the street. There are also no sidewalks. (There are guest parking spots.)


Creekside Village - Los Gatos - street view 1


Next, a view of the clubhouse.


Creekside Village - Los Gatos - Clubhouse


Next, a view to the left of the clubhouse (the parking spaces are adjacent to the clubhouse). There’s more parking across the street, at the base of the entrance to the community, next to the mail boxes.


Creekside Village - Los Gatos - street view 2


The houses have a little variation in color and style. This is a fairly typical looking home with a very small front yard.


Creekside Village - Los Gatos - sample house


Are there any issues, risks, or negatives with the Creekside Village neighborhood?

There are pros and cons to every neighborhood. In the case of Creekside Village neighborhood, here are some considerations of which I am aware:

  1. The area is situated very close to Highway 17 and also Highway 9 (Los Gatos-Saratoga Road).
  2. Some home buyers may not like that the lots are narrow, mostly forcing single car garages, with houses quite close together.
  3. There does not appear to be sufficient parking for this community. Some residents and visitors park up the hill on Woodland or Wraight. This is not convenient, but it can also irk the neighbors who live on those streets and who want to be able to park in front of their own homes (not all of them have driveways and garages).
  4. This is a low lying area close to the Los Gatos Creek, and if a dam breaks uphill at Lexington Reservoir’s Lenihan Dam, there’s a significant risk from flooding from dam failure below – and this would be a direct hit.
    • This potentially could be a lethal amount of water. On the interactive inundation map, it falls into the most risky range of 35 feet up the hill at Los Gatos-Saratoga Road and Highway 17.  Creekside Village is lower by at least 10 feet, and per this date, the flood waters could arrive in just 5 minutes. It’s hard to imagine the community being able to evacuate that fast if they had to do so since there is only one way in and one way out of the neighborhood.


Creekside Village risk of flooding from dam failure


Creekside Village sign at the top of the private road leading to the community


Side note: on this website we write about MANY Los Gatos neighborhoods. We do not represent the HOA and have nothing to do with this HOA or any others that we write about.


Creekside Village Plat Map - click to view larger image

What do homes in Creekside Village cost?

Pricing depends on several factors: home and lot size, condition, and location within the community. Homes closer to Highway 9 (Los Gatos Saratoga Road) have larger lots, but also more noise.

Two properties have sold in this neighborhood in 2021 so far. One was at $1,836,750 and the other at $1,750,000. In 2020, the lowest priced home sold at $1,475,000, but most were considerably higher than that.

Inventory doesn’t come up often in this area. For downtown Los Gatos, this is bargain real estate pricing!

See the most recent sales at Creekside Village using this link.





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