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March 15, 2008

The Los Gatos Observer was the first to break the news that yesterday, just before noon, a man was killed at a townhome complex (Rancho de Los Gatos) on Overlook Drive, which is walking distance to downtown Los Gatos. Within a few hours, other news sources picked up on the story and we learned that the victim was a former bar tender and bar owner, the much beloved Mark Achilli.

Apparently a man dressed all in black had been hanging around this normally sleepy neighborhood for a few hours. He shot Mr. Achilli at close range with a number of bullets. Experts believe this is not a random shooting.

Right now, there are more questions than answers. Police are seeking any information. Please call (408) 354-8600 if you can help with this case. The suspect is still at large.

Mark Achilli is a former owner of Mountain Charley’s Saloon and 180 Degree Restaurant and Lounge, and prior to that was a bartender at Carry Nation’s – all three in Los Gatos.


Crime in Los Gatos

Los Gatos enjoys a very, very low crime rate, so this is particularly shocking for the townsfolk. The type of crime found here can be read in the local papers or online, and usually consists of things like drunk in public, domestic dispute, theft (often from or of autos), burglary, and so on. More serious offenses include rape, drunk driving and assault – but they are not too common.

A visit to enables the visitor to plug in the address and see, on a map, the types of crime there. You can see for yourself that this murder is an abberation for the otherwise ultra-safe part of Silicon Valley.
Link to’s page for 18400 Overlook Road, Los Gatos, CA 95030

The police has a volunteer group, Volunteers in Policing, and these 150 or so goodly folks assist in a lot of ways around the town. Residents here experience good rapport with the police as well and it’s hoped that together, we can assist our peace officers in solving this crime, bringing answers to Mark Achilli’s loved ones, and again making our town peaceful and safe. If you know anything that might assist in this investigation, please call the police at (408) 354-8600, or phone the Los Gatos Monte Sereno Police Tip Line at (408) 399-7531.

For more on the investigation of this crime, please see these articles in the Los Gatos Observer: Los Gatos Police Investigate Shooting
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