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December 17, 2012

Curt YagiCurt Yagi, an award winning musician from San Francisco, will be performing at The Cats restaurant in Los Gatos on December 29, 2012 from 9pm to midnight. Curt will be performing with his band, known as “The People Standing Behind Me”. It is sure to be a good event!

Who is Curt Yagi, and what kind of music should we expect?

Curt is a singer songwriter who does a little rock, acousic guitar, folk music, pop – some say funk too. I Googled him and discovered that he has a MySpace page with a number of songs that you can play at no cost. I listened to some and liked what I heard. Have a listen here: Curt’s most recent album can be heard online too:

Ben Fong-Torres, the former Senior Editor, Rolling Stone had
this to say, “People keep comparing him to other artists, but I think he
just sounds like Curt Yagi, and that is plenty good enough. This is one
excellent singer and songwriter.”

To learn more, please check out the MySpace page, ;isted above, or Curt’s website:

The Cats Restaurant and Tavern
17533 Santa Cruz Highway
Los Gatos, California 95033