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April 24, 2007

The Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce has a very, very long list of neat things going on all of this year. Please bookmark its site!! I can’t repeat it all here but there’s tons going on and I think their info is the best for current happenings.

Regarding one of the current events…

Great Blue HeronBefore Jim and I had kids, we lived for a few years in Santa Cruz, not far from the beach. We enjoyed a great view of Neary’s Lagoon (photo) and saw all kinds of strange and wonderful waterfowl – literally in our own back yard. I became a convert. First I bought a birding book. Then Jim gave me binoculars for Christmas one year. And then we were spending Saturdays going to Elkhorn Slough to go birdwatching. (As I say, it was “before kids”.)

It can happen to anyone. It could happen to you!

Heron SoaringThis Saturday, from 11-3, there’s an event at Vasona for young and old: “A Salute to Vasona’s Great Blue Herons at Vasona Lake County Park in Los Gatos”. Before you yawn and say “no thanks”, let me explain that these birds are HUGE – we’re talking 4′ long and a 7′ wingspan!! When they fly you wonder if the albatross is this big. OK maybe you don’t wonder that… Maybe you just say “GEEZE that is a huge, huge bird!”

A lot clamors for your attention on a lovely Saturday in April. But if you have never seen a Great Blue Heron, now’s the time to change that. These birds are fairly rare and definitely majestic. The adults are enormous and will make you say “wow”.

HeronI don’t think I’ve ever seen a nest. Saturdays in spring tend to be pretty busy for us real estate types. But if I can create a little window, I I’ll be there, camera in hand. Great Blue Herons are worth making a pause in your day to see.

And imagine, they are right here, in our very own Los Gatos. With babies, no less.

See you at the park!