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The Glenridge and Bachman Park neighborhood of Los Gatos is one of the most scenic residential areas anywhere in Silicon Valley. It features beautiful, custom, mostly historic homes on meandering streets.

Set just above the Almond Grove neighborhood on a gentle hill it, too, is close to town but with a little more altitude and better vistas. The other nearby neighbor is the Fairview Plaza.  So much history in such a close area!

These are really two separate neighborhoods or districts, but they are similar in many ways and are directly adjacent to each other, so we are covering them together.

Bachman Park is set in in the middle of this area and includes several acres alongside a creek. The park offers picnic tables, a playground, basketball courts and a large grassy field for picnics or play. A paved path follows the creek on one side of it – making a wonderful place just for strolling. (Bachman Park refers to both the park and its immediate neighborhood.)

Where is the Glenridge and Bachman Park neighborhood?

This charming older Los Gatos neighborhood is set just up the hill from the Almond Grove Historic District and adjacent to Fairview Plaza.
The main road for which the area takes its name is Glenridge Avenue. I’m not sure that the area has super clear boundaries – some people might argue that a few more streets ought to be included (such as Overlook and homes a bit further out). Where it ends seems to be somewhat unclear.

Included in  the Glenridge and Bachman Park neighborhood: Glenridge Avenue, Bachman Avenue, Peralta Avenue, Hernandez Avenue, Apricot Lane, Pennsylvania Avenue, Belmont Avenue, Alexander Avenue, Palm Avenue, Walnut Avenue, Wissahickon Avenue.

The Bachman Park area is what’s between Glenridge and Los Gatos-Saratoga Road on one side, the town’s boundary on another, and the Almond Grove district on the remaining side. The Monte Sereno boundary is on the north side of Bachman Avenue, and some people eliminate it from their definition of the neighborhood boundaries, but that’s pretty silly. The neighborhood functions similarly whether a home is in Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, or an unincorporated area.


The Glenridge and Bachman Park neighborhood in Los Gatos with close proximity to the Los Gatos historic districts.
Wildfire evacuation route sign in the Glenridge neighborhood of Los Gatos

Are there any special concerns?

Every community or neighborhood or subdivision has both pros and cons. In the Glenridge and Bachman Park neighborhood there are issues with:

  • beach traffic (summer weekends especially, but not exclusively) – this can be dangerous in an emergency if the roads are gridlocked
  • high homeowner’s insurance costs due to being in the Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone
  • the risks associated with being in the fire zone
  • historic homes may be more tricky and costly to remodel due to regulations aimed at preserving them
  • this is a hilly area, so issues regarding water, drainage, foundations will all be very important

How much does it cost to buy a home in this upscale community??

Los Gatos real estate is pricey, and Glenridge, especially, is the cream of the crop! Do not expect to find much under $3 million in this area. There have been “fixers” sold for more!

Pricing depends on many things, including of course the location within the neighborhood. Glenridge Drive is very prestigious and a stately house with large frontage there will command top dollar, assuming that the property is in good shape (many of these homes have lovely views). There are properties with small lots, or narrow ones, or a few on very steep lots (even on Glenridge) and usually these will not sell for as much unless there’s something very compelling such as a great view. As homes get into more remote areas, for example going deep into Overlook, prices will come down.

Browse Bachman Park and Glenridge neighborhood real estate listings of homes for sale

Below please find a list with available real estate listings (and some solds over the last 6 months) in the Glenridge, Almond Grove and Fairview Plaza neighborhoods.


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