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August 27, 2009

Looking at homes for sale in Los Gatos?  I’ve compiled a bunch of searches of Los Gatos real estate for sale by price (see a list of homes) and by area (view sections of Los Gatos by map with house icons you can roll over with your mouse to get more details).  None of these requires registration.

Search Los Gatos Homes for Sale by Price
Los Gatos Homes Up To $1,000,000 
Los Gatos Homes $1 – $2,000,000 
Los Gatos Homes $2 – $3,000,000 
Los Gatos Homes $3 – $5,000,000 

Los Gatos Homes $5,000,000 + 

Search Los Gatos Homes for Sale by Area in Town
1 Los Gatos Real Estate & Homes for Sale (whole town)
2 Downtown Los Gatos homes for sale 
3 Los Gatos West of Highway 9 
4 Quito Road Pollard Winchester area 
5 Montevina Road area of Los Gatos 
6 Blackberry Hill , Vista del Monte, Kennedy Estates & Surrey Farms areas 
7 Blossom Manor 
8 Surrey Farms 
9 Alta Vista area 
10 Strathmore area 
11 East of Blossom Hill Road 
12 West of Blossom Hill Road 
13 Lark Avenue & Las Astas area 

The first list is broken down by price point for the whole town (sorry, it’s not separated by school district, acreage, home size etc. – just price).

The second is a map view of the town’s homes on the market.  Some areas are fairly large and some are just a particular (popular) subdivision, such as Surrey Farms. 

If you are looking at Los Gatos homes for sale online, you’ve probably noticed that some sites require registration and some don’t, and you probably assumed that the information is equally in depth for both. They’re actually not the same, though they’re close.  The more in-depth info can be provided only if someone’s registered (it’s a legal thing, believe it or not).  I believe that school districts are omitted on the non-registered sites, for instance.

I don’t like to register to get information and I presume that most of my readers don’t, either. So I do have a great variety of ways you can browse homes for sale on my sites, but also do include the sign-in type which delivers info to your email box as it happens.  If you want the more detailed info, you can either ask to save your search from one of the above map searches or price searches, or you can go to and register for the Private MLS Search.