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California EPA Map of RadonThe Environmental Protection Agency has dubbed January “National Radon Protection Month“.  Radon is usually off the radar in Silicon Valley, but should it be?  As it turns out, Santa Clara County is a an area with moderate radon levels.

The only real way to know if radon is a problem for your indoor air quality is to test it.  The County of Santa Clara has a page on its site regarding radon, the state’s health and safety code regarding radon, a list of service providers and qualified labs, and more.   Click here to go to the Indoor Air Quality page for the county.

Recently in an “advertorial” piece in the San Jose Mercury News, I saw that there are home testing kits for radon available online.   The county doesn’t mention these so not sure if it’s omission because the kits are new or an exclusion because it’s a job better left to testers.  I’ll let my readers do more research, but wanted to mention it in passing as another option to investigate.