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December 10, 2011

About four years ago, The historic Cats Restaurant in Los Gatos quickly and quietly closed without much warning (see article in the Los Gatos Observer). One of the area’s older buildings, it was constructed as a stage coach stop in the late 1800s, possibly around 1896.

In 2008 I was near the tavern, photographing Leo and Leona at the entrance to Poet’s Canyon just steps away, and popped by old building to see what was going on with it.

To my surprise, it appeared that The Cats was being made ready to reopen. There were several trucks and workers in view and the parking lot sported new blacktop and parking stripes.

I could not find any news about a reopening, and apparently there were issues with permits.

The Cats has served many functions over the years and is an area landmark. It would be great to see it open again.

The Cats Restaurant is located at 17533 Santa Cruz Highway, just past the downtown entrance to the freeway from South Santa Cruz Avenue.

Leo and Leona can be seen from this freeway exit too. For more on the two concrete cats, please visit this earlier post: How did Los Gatos get its cat logo?