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June 25, 2009

Dennis Rowland and Full Spectrum Jazz played to a happy & packed audience last night for the opening concert in the Jazz on the Plazz series  at the Town Plaza Park.

Jazz on the Plazz June 24 2009

The music, which played from 6:30pm to a little past 8:30pm, was fantastic. Dennis Rowland is an engaging performer, both when singing and when chatting with the audience.  The Full Spectrum Jazz is an awesome band by itself, but also worked in perfect sync with Mr. Rowland.

The crowd stayed to the end despite some fairly cool winds blowing in through the pass from Santa Cruz, especially after sunset (microclimates: it was warm and nearly windless out in Belwood, so the temp change caught me by surprise – next time, I’ll remember to bring layers).  Loads of booths ringed the periphery, enabling concert attendees to buy a little food (oysters, anyone?), wine or coffee.  Patrons at Willow Street, just on the other side of North Santa Cruz Avenue, got to enjoy patio dining enhanced by great jazz. Not a bad way to take in the music!

Blankets are no longer permitted as they were causing loads of damage to the lawn, and most of the concert goers seemed aware of this and came prepared with soccer-viewing type chairs.  This seemed to actually improve the overall situation as more people fit into the lawn area with chairs rather than a patchwork quilt of towels and blankets.

Many thanks to all the sponsors who make Jazz on the Plazz possible.  See you next week!

For information on the schedule for Jazz on the Plazz, Music in the Park, and Vasona Vibrations (the three free music concert series in Los Gatos), please visit my post with the detailed schedule:Los Gatos Free Music Concerts in 2009: Jazz on the Plazz, Music in the Park and Vasona Vibrations