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We have a list of Los Gatos neighborhoods to share, and for each linked item there’s an article to fill you in on that area. This list is always growing!

The Town of Los Gatos is about 11 square miles and is comprised of dozens of neighborhoods in various parts of town, with different schools, zip codes, price points, plusses and minuses.  Here on the Live in Los Gatos blog there have been many, many real estate articles devoted Los Gatos neighborhoods.  Below please find links to neighborhood posts with descriptions and photos, primarily on “Live in Los Gatos” but in some cases on one of our other sites.


Los Gatos - downtown and central
(More neighborhoods to come as time permits – I have about 25 on my list.  Want your subdivision included? Please email me and I will put it on the To Do list!)

List of Los Gatos neighborhoods by area

The downtown / central, west, east, and north areas are lined up separately.

Downtown or Central Los Gatos neighborhoods

Los Gatos historic districts and nearby neighborhoods - Glenridge, Bachman


(many historic areas):

East Los Gatos neighborhoods


East Los Gatos neighborhoods

West Los Gatos neighborhoods


West Los Gatos neighborhoods

And also:


North Los Gatos

(Close to Lark Avenue)


Map of North Los Gatos



Posts relating to Los Gatos neighborhoods:

East Los Gatos, West Los Gatos (what’s where?)

Where are the high voltage power lines in Los Gatos?


I also have some neighborhood videos as I am driving through town.  They aren’t professional grade, but they will give a good sense to newcomers of what various neighborhoods are like.  You can see them on my YouTube channel too.


Interested in neighborhoods in nearby areas? Please also see my blog – the Valley of Heart’s Delight blog.