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May 02, 2007

Project Blogger, A Real Estate Blogging Contest...and Live In Los Gatos  is part of it!I guess it’s time to come clean.

This blog, Live in Los Gatos, is being “made over” as part of a contest, Project Blogger. Contestants are Real Estate Licensees and they are trying to get their blogs into shape! A major goal of mine is to have so much great content on Live In Los Gatos that it become a valued resource to folks living in or near our town (or thinking of living here, or who formerly did live here).

A secondary goal, of course, if to distinguish myself from the other 800 Realtors here (out of fewer than 30,000 people) in Los Gatos and to demonstrate that I have more than a little “local knowledge”.

What is Project Blogger? It’s a 14 week contest with 12 pair of contestants nationwide (one mentor, one apprentice per pair). I’m the apprentice. My mentor is a fabulous Realtor in Bethlehem, PA named Frances Flynn Thorsen (pictured here).

Frances Flynn Thorsen The contest is sponsored by Active Rain and Inman News.

This competitive, collaborative event runs from April 9 – July 15 and so far, Fran and I are doing pretty well – placing first for the first two weeks of judging. It helps that the Town of Los Gatos is so interesting . . . the subject matter is awesome!

The winners get to assign the $5000 prize to charity. If Fran and I win, ours will go to CARE. Everyone involved does win, though, as we’re all learning how to blog or to coach others to success with blogging.

In the next few days, I’ll add a little more about this contest and how I got drafted. Meanwhile, though, I’ll continue to add Los Gatos information, stories, events, and my editorial-type comments. Your topic suggestions are always welcome!