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September 25, 2008

Spanish Hacienda In Surrey Farms Smaller

Spanish style home in Los Gatos


Los Gatos is well known in Silicon Valley for a charming, busy, interesting and unique downtown area that includes some beautiful historic buildings.

The residential neighborhoods of Los Gatos are quite diverse and offer those who’d love to live here a wide variety of choice in housing style.

Older neighborhoods close to the downtown area, such as Fairview Plaza or the Almond Grove, offer Victorians (of various types) and some Craftsman homes. Further out, house hunters can find Spanish or Mediterranean, Prairie type, Colonial, Cape Cod, Mid Century Modern homes (though there are no Eichlers in Los Gatos, there are some from that era and style), ranch houses of course and some modern or contemporary homes.

Today I posted a photo tour with a sampling of housing types that may be found in Los Gatos. Real estate here is diverse, and much of it quite beautiful! Please stop by my other blog, Valley Of Hearts Delight, to take a look at these images of Los Gatos homes.