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August 10, 2007

Happy Birthday, Los Gatos!!

The Town of Los Gatos was incorporated 120 years ago today, August 10, 1887, with 1 square mile (100 acres) on either side of the Los Gatos Creek. Today the town includes about 12 square miles.

Other Happenings in 1887 (though not August 10th)

That was a busy year, and a significant one, for Los Gatos. Also in 1887 the Almond Grove District was created with 170 lots – 121 of which were all auctioned off in one day!

And again in that same year, Albert Vollmer settled on a prune ranch in what is now known as Vasona Park. Vollmer is the one responsible for the name Vasona. As a child, he had a pony by that name, When he later arranged for a whistle stop at his ranch (so that his daughter could commute by rail to her job in San Jose), he dubbed the stop “Vasona”.