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Los Gatos homes for sale - image of backyard at 253 Vista del MonteSearching Los Gatos homes for sale? We can help!

Below we’ll display the 10 most recent listings in each Los Gatos zip code, and below the list of ten there’s a link to see all Los Gatos homes for sale currently viewable here.

The area can be a little confusing, so we want to provide some info to make your search smoother.

A primer on Los Gatos areas & impact on Los Gatos homes for sale:

Major factors on home values include these:

  • proximity to downtown
  • school district
  • zip code
  • home size, numbers of beds & baths, condition
  • lot size, usability, especially backyard functionality right now (entertaining in the age of Covid)

Zip Codes

Los Gatos 95030 and 95032 are “in town” with a few county pockets in the town area. The in town area stretches from the far west, which borders Saratoga and Campbell, to the far east, which meets up with San Jose’s Almaden and Cambrian areas.

Please also see the article on this site on the Los Gatos zip code map. That visual guide may be helpful!


Incorporated, unincorporated, in town, in the mountains

There are about 10 square miles of what is incorporated Los Gatos. Over time, many of the unincorporated pockets in these two zip codes are becoming incorporated.

Most of the Los Gatos Mountains area with the 95033 zip code are not part of “the town”, though the mailing address looks the same.

The school districts do not follow incorporation, nor do they follow the zip code boundaries – all of that is a bit messy.

Some neighborhoods are both near downtown and include the historic district label. Some home buyers will deeply appreciate historic homes and historic districts.

Los Gatos homes for sale: in town, 95030

Los Gatos CA 95030 is the downtown and nearby area. Please note that most of Monte Sereno is also in the same zip code. If you just search by zip code, you’ll have results from the town of Los Gatos and the city of Monte Sereno. Most of 95030 is in the Los Gatos Union School District and the Los Gatos Saratoga Joint High School District. The Los Gatos Monte Sereno area can somewhat blur together, but homes in Monte Sereno will generally be more pricey.


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See all Los Gatos homes for sale 95030.
(all data current as of 6/25/2024)

Listing information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Read full disclaimer.


Los Gatos homes for sale: in town, 95032

The 95032 part of town has a section that’s also close to central and downtown LG, but some stretches of it are on the far east, west, and north ends. A section of 95032 is also in Monte Sereno! About 1/3 of this area has Los Gatos Schools. The others have Campbell and  Union, with either Westmont or Leigh High Schools. In general, Los Gatos homes for sale in 95032 will be a little less expensive than those in 95030.


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See all Los Gatos homes for sale 95032.
(all data current as of 6/25/2024)

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Homes for sale in the Los Gatos Mountains 95033

Browse houses for sale in the rural  area of Los Gatos 95033. This area is called the Los Gatos Mountains and also the Santa Cruz Mountains. Most of this area is not incorporated or officially part of the town, but has a Los Gatos mailing address. There are a couple of school districts there, too, but they all feed to Los Gatos High. These Los Gatos homes for sale are usually the least expensive of the 3 zip codes.


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See all Los Gatos Mountains homes for sale 95033 up to $3 million.
(all data current as of 6/25/2024)

Listing information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Read full disclaimer.



A note on these MLS lists:

Our local MLS, MLS Listings, syndicates out the vast majority of homes listed for sale. However, in recent months they have introduced two categories that do not syndicate here or to, Redfin, Zillow, or anywhere else. They are non-syndicated listings labeled as “Agent Only”.

Within Agent Only listings, some are Agent Only, Show and others are Agent Only, Do Not Show. The latter usually consists of homes getting ready for the market. That may also be the case with the former, but in some cases the sellers just do not want their home as widely marketed on the web.

Clair and I get our clients who want to know about the Agent Only listings onto direct MLS feeds. It’s not as attractive as the better known portals, but the data is better.


Looking to buy or sell in Los Gatos? Or nearby?


If you are interested in buying or selling a Los Gatos home, or one nearby, please reach out to me. I’m a Santa Clara Valley native and a resident of Los Gatos since 1999. If you check out our neighborhood posts, you’ll see that Clair and I cover the town’s various areas with details you won’t find anywhere else. We’d love to hear from you.


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