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April 02, 2013

Sorting out the local Los Gatos real estate market can be a bit tricky, as there are so many variables that can throw the analysis.  Among them we have to consider school district, price point, sometimes zip code, proximity to downtown, proximity to positive and negative issues, condition of property and more.  As one agent says, it’s a patchwork quilt!

Today let’s just have a view by homes in Los Gatos 95030 and 95032 by school district and price point, since I believe those are the two main drivers of our residential real estate market.

First, let’s consider the town as a whole or on average. As of right now, there are 65 houses or duet homes for sale.  There are 22 which have sold & closed escrow in the last 30 days.  65/22 = 2.95 months of inventory. Not bad! Five or six months is a balanced market, less is a seller’s market – so right now there’s stronger demand than supply.

Los Gatos real estate - months of inventory by high school district

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