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March 31, 2011

Infiniti Botique in Los Gatos (click on image to view related post)Newcomers who settle in Los Gatos have noted to me many times that our town is the “most European feeling” of any in Silicon Valley – or perhaps the Bay Area. (And that is a major draw.)  

One reason might be that folks here dress well.  It’s not Milan, Florence, or Paris, but Los Gatans spend a lot of money on clothing.  In fact, it’s the second highest per capita in the nation, just after the tony city of Danville in the east Bay, according to the US Census Bureau and reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Also ranking high on the list of big spenders for threads in the US in Santa Clara County are nearby Los Altos (#3), Saratoga (#6) and Santa Clara (#8).

As a region, Silicon Valley is not known for high fashion – or fashion at all, actually (pocket protectors are long gone, but the jokes continue).  But step into Los Gatos and it’s a little different… a little more European….  Los Gatos lives in two worlds: its own town, history, events and activities but also the broader, high tech, Sharks loving community of Silicon Valley and the South Bay.  And it’s equally comfortable with both.