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January 30, 2014

Like many places in Silicon Valley, Los Gatos has its share of work needed on roads and sidewalks.  But sometimes, the work in progress seems to stop at an odd juncture.  The photo below is a site you’ll find on Belgatos Road in east Los Gatos (in the Belwood of Los Gatos neighborhood).  On the left, you see a newer looking bit of sidewalk with a normal curb.  And to the right of that – but not connected – a very, very new looking ramp.

What are they thinking?

A Los Gatos sidewalk and ramp - which do not connect to each other!

Perhaps stranger still, the sidewalk on the left doesn’t have a ramp at the other end of the block, either. In fact there are very few ramps anywhere nearby. Maybe the home owner is going to add a sidewalk by the street?

We’ll be watching!


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