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January 29, 2008

Perhaps the most hotly contested and divisive issue in the history of Los Gatos has been the skatepark ballot initiative. It is upsetting to see how much hostility has emerged.

The Los Gatos Observer carries the controvery in an “up close and personal” kind of way. There have been an inordinate about of personal opinions, rebuttals, comments, and accusations – all found on this news site’s pages. It’s a soap opera with a political bent.

As for me: I have just one request. Please vote. My hope is that the town gets a huge turnout next Tuesday and that the voters will speak their peace and then we will HAVE peace. Truthfully, I am sick of the complaints. Most of them are coming from the “pro D” camp, but they are found on both sides. I am sick of the stolen political signs. And perhaps most of all, I am sick of the villification of the other side. There are good people on both sides of the argument and it is sickening to read the villification of folks on the other side of the argument.  Arguments could be made for voting either way – so let’s leave the “ad hominems” out of it.


And then, please, let’s move forward.