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November 14, 2009

Townsfolk know, but newcomers may not, that in the Town of Los Gatos, the residents do not vote for the mayor or vice mayor. Instead, we vote for the members of the town council, who in turn vote each year on which member of the council will take the jobs of mayor and vice mayor.  You can read more details about our form of government in the Los Gatos town website.

On Monday (11-16-2009) at 7pm, mayor Mike Wasserman will be stepping down as mayor and the council will vote a new member into that post and have the swearing-in also. 

The Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce is hosting a reception immediately following the meeting in the lobby of the town council chambers at 110 E. Main Street, Los Gatos. You can view the informational flyer for the reception online via the chamber’s site.

Mike Wasserman will next be running for Santa Clara County Supervisor.  You can read about him and his campaign on his website,