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October 30, 2011

Thermometer on my front porch (Los Gatos 95032) at about 3pm on Oct 30, 2011 read 80.8 degrees. Not bad for an autumn day!Friends and relatives from other parts of the U.S. or abroad have a hard time with our housing prices, understandably, as we have a hard time with them too. But few of them live in a sub-tropical climate and enjoy the many months of fair weather which we have here in “the Valley of Heart’s Delight”.

Today, October 30th, my thermometer on our front porch registered 80.8 degrees – I think it was probably 78 or 79 in reality, but still, not bad for autumn!  My relatives in Boston, New Jersey, New York and DC were suffering under a very nasty snowstorm which has left 3 million people without power.

We do get some rain, about 20-22 inches per year on average. Snow virtually never happens in town (about every 10 or 20 years it lands on the valley floor, which to us is magical – but it’s gone in a couple of hours), though it does go into the mountains which ring our beautiful valley.  We enjoy 300 sunny days on average each year – and like to say that we can live in smaller houses because we don’t have to hide out in them half the year! In winter, a typical day sees a high of 58 – 65 degrees (per Wikipedia article) and the lows are usually above freezing.  That said, no one likes a burst pipe and the occassional Alaskan storm can bring in a frigid cold front so we are prepared for the nights with the inevitably colder-than-freezing temps.

This week temps are supposed to dip – the next three days will be in the mid 70s and after that into the 60s.  But don’t expect family & friends on the east coast to feel sorry for us – they are just hoping to get their power restored during this cold snap they are suffering under.

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