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May 12, 2008

Bella, the Handy Family DogIt had to happen. The Town of Los Gatos, meaning The Cats, has long been a haven for dogs. Stroll down Main Street, University Avenue or North Santa Cruz Avenue and you’ll see water bowls left out for pooches. Or you’ll discover places to tether canines near the shops. Dog lovers almost seem to have a magnetic attraction to this corner of Silicon Valley. The irony is not lost on the locals.

So it’s no secret: The Cats is really a town for dogs. At Halloween, we always have a dogs in costume parade. There’s even talk of creating a dog park in Los Gatos.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the town’s mayor, Barbara Spector, has declared May 17th the Dia De Los Perros. The only question I have is this: will it be an annual event? Let’s see how the first one goes. Maybe it’s true, after all, that the town of Los Gatos is “going to the dogs”.


The Los Gatos Observer did a nice piece on this event, titled “Los Gatos Goes to the Dogs“. Check it out!