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Lou's Coffee Shop in Los Gatos - includes outside diningLou’s Coffee Shop can be found at the heart of Los Gatos’s shopping district and it’s a wonderful, down to earth, all American diner.

Driving south on Los Gatos Boulevard, the little coffee house is tucked away on the right side, just across from the Nob Hill Shopping Center (home to the far bigger Los Gatos Cafe). 

Grab a parking space and head in.  There are a few tables outdoors and a few more in – but this is not a large enterprise – it’s small and personal.

Tables are close together (my one complaint: this is perhaps the least handicapped accessible place I’ve seen in years) and as patrons spread out, it’s harder and harder to thread through the crowd to get to the one open spot.

Sit down and you’re quickly offered coffee, water, or the beverage of your choice, and a menu is handed to you at the same time. Service is quick and friendly.

The menu boasts a lot of breakfast items (eggs benedict, pancakes, home fries – and my favorite title, “garbage plate”) and a decent number of lunch ones too.

Prices run about $8 to $10 per plate (with enough food that you may well take some home for later), depending on what you order, of course.  Jim and I each had an entree, I added a substitution of fruit instead of fries (for $1.50 more) and we each had a beverage – the total pre-tip was just shy of $26, including tax.  Not bad for Los Gatos – a very fair price for the good service, good food and fairly large quantity of it. 

The table servers moved pretty fast and seemed agile despite the somewhat crowded conditions.  And, I should add, everyone working there seemed to be pretty cheerful, which of course made the whole experience more enjoyable.

Overall, I would give it an 8.5 out of 10.  Main problem is crowding and difficulty in getting through to either one’s table or the restroom. (We have eaten there 2-3 times, same experience each time with this problem.) 

15691 Los Gatos Boulevard
Los Gatos, CA 95032
(408) 356-8383