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December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas, Los Gatos…and everyone else too!

Date: Dec. 24, 2007
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A candle of hope in this season of hopeIt’s been a little busy for blogging lately but I didn’t want the holiday season to go by without sending my warmest wishes to my friends and readers.  Many of our friends celebrate Hanukkah – and I hope it was a happy one for each and every one of them. What a beautiful festival, a true festival of lights.

We celebrate Christmas in our home, and the days leading up to it can be a bit hectic for us, as they are for many of you. (On top of that, this blogger was sick for about 10 days and also changed brokerages mid-month. So lots was going on!) It can be hard to catch your breath and think about the deeper meanings to all of it. . . .

But now, it’s Christmas Eve. Everything is really done. Life is quieting down at the Handy household in Belwood, and we get to just enjoy the next couple of days and reflect on why they are so important to us. If you celebrate Christmas, I hope that for you these days will be meaningful, peaceful and fun. Merry Christmas!  (And if not, I hope the days will bring helpful R & R for you, and a chance to visit friends or get in some skiing or other fun.)

Merry Christmas from Mary Pope-Handy (Los Gatos, CA)And for everyoneHappy New Year! 

2007 was challenging for those of us in real estate and related fields. Too many people lost their jobs or were harmed by a difficult market this last year (a story that I think was underreported). We are hopeful that 2008 will be stable and maybe even improved here in Silicon Valley. Hope is an important part of this season for all of us, no matter what we celebrate specifically.

May the coming year bring you happiness, good health, a sunny disposition, and many, many blessings. And above all, may it bring you a deep and joyful sense of hope.