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Last night there was a Neighborhood Watch in the Belwood area in East Los Gatos. Much of what was shared will likely interest people throughout Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, and nearby, so I wanted to share the info here also.


Changing consequences slide from the neighborhood watch in the Belwood area

Highlights: Neighborhood Watch in the Belwood area

Sergeant Bill Hoyt from the Los Gatos Monte Sereno police department made a presentation and answered questions from residents regarding recent break ins and what can be done about it.

Most surprisingly, he shared that at least some of the crime is coming from a South American group which brings thieves up on tourist visas, puts them up in a safe house for a period of time, and then flies them back home before they can be identified and captured. They have a particular method of gaining entry and are careful about what they drive to blend in.

Several tips were given, as well as some tools the town is now using and may be suggesting that neighborhoods expand upon.

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