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August 25, 2008

Did you know that Los Gatos has (some) rent control?  According to the town’s website, It does not apply to every rental property in town. “Rent control limits only apply to properties with three or more rental units.”  So people renting single family homes, a single condo, a manufactured home or a duplex in Los Gatos would not have rent control, but those in triplexes or apartment complexes would have rent control. 

How much can rents rise under the rent control restrictions? Generally, about 5% a year maximum, or 70% of the consumer price index. There are exceptions, though, if the costs to run the complex rise significantly (due to the costs on the financing of the property or improvements to the property) OR if the owner has not raised the rent for two years. In the latter case, rents may then jump by 10%.

For more information on rent control in Los Gatos, please see the town’s page on rental disputes or phone 408-402-0307 x10 then *8 and extension 17.