Thank You, Los Gatos!

August 02, 2007

Frances Flynn Thorsen and Mary Pope-Handy win the Project Blogger Contest at Bloggers Connect on Aug 1, 2007This week I’ve been a little quiet on the blog posting as I’ve had company and spent some time in San Francisco at Blogger’s Connect. You may know that I was involved in a blogging contest, Project Blogger. On Wednesday the tallying of the points was done, and my mentor, Frances Flynn Thorsen, and I won. The neat thing is that $5000 will go to a fabulous charity, CARE (helping to fight poverty and hunger around the globe). Fran and Joeann Fossland have both been championing the work of CARE through the Web Women Giving Circle.

Mary Pope-Handy wins Project Blogger Contest with the mentorship of Frances Flynn Thorsen and blogging about living in Los GatosWhen I was at some of the events, a few of my fellow bloggers (and coaches) told me how lucky I was to be able to blog about our wonderful town, Los Gatos. And they’re right. If I’m enthusiastic about living here, it’s because we really are blessed with living in a fanstastic place, rich in history, art, culture, scenic beauty, smart and interesting people, and on and on.

Since the contest was sponsored by Inman News and Active Rain, I’ve blogged about the last few days a little on the Active Rain forum (though not about the contest, or CARE, just yet). Just before the contest results were announced, I got to meet some of the other apprentices and coaches and have some R & R with them, both in groups small and large. If you’re interested, here are the links to those posts:

Project Blogger apprentices Kevin Tomlinson, Mary Pope-Handy and Tisza Major-Posner have fun in San Francisco I am trying to get some of these done as a “recap” (fun with Tisza, in Los Gatos and Santa Cruz) (picking up Kevin at SFO) (beer event for Bloggers Connect)

So Project Blogger is over, the pressure is off, but Los Gatos continues to be a wonderfully intriguing place to live. Look for many, many more posts about our wonderful corner of Silicon Valley here on “Live in Los Gatos:.

Blogging About Los Gatos:Project Blogger Contest is Winding Down!

July 24, 2007

Mary Pope-Handy is a contestant in Project BloggerN for those in a hurry, how to vote info is at the bottom of this post.

Back in November, this blog was launched as a place to discuss living in Los Gatos – its events, parks, vistas, lifestyle, history…and even a few posts on the town’s haunted places, for instance. Little did this novice blogger know that come April, the web log would have a national audience as it was evolving under the auspices of
Frances Flynn Thorsen (managing editor of Real Town, where this blog is hosted) and the Project Blogger Contest. In a nutshell, there are 12 pairs of contestants (one mentor – Fran is mine – and one apprentice – your humble servant). The winning team gets to assign $5000 to charity and Fran and I will have it go to CARE if we win.

How do the winners get chosen? It’s two components: weekly judging plus the popular vote. The contest ran 14 long weeks, April 9 – July 15. Each week is judged and so far, 12 of the weeks have been done and we are in the lead. Two weeks are outstanding, and so is the PUBLIC VOTING.  (There was a prior voting attempt but it had to be thrown out.) Voting counts for 15% of the overall score.

Do you like this Live in Los Gatos blog? If so, I would like to invite you to consider taking a few minutes and casting a vote for Fran and me!

If you’d like to see the posts, here’s where you can find them (all mentors/apprentices for these 14 weeks):

To see a list of teams:

If you’d like to vote, here’s how:

(1)  please select your blogger team
(2)  email your vote to:
(3)  for the vote to be count it must include your first & last name plus phone number you can be reached at for verification.
(4) the deadline for votes is Friday July 27 at Midnight PDT. “

Fran and I would be most grateful if you liked our work enough to endorse it by emailing the gents at Active Rain with a vote for Frances Flynn Thorsen and Mary Pope-Handy

Project Blogger Blogroll

Project Blogger 2007 Inman Active RainApril 09, 2007

Project Blogger Apprentice Blogroll:

Michael and Barbara Daly Beachamptons Blog Southampton, NY
Vali Wimberly Denver Fresh Denver, CO
London Whitted Future of Commercial Real Estate Commercial RE – West Coast of US
Madison Hildebrand Inside Bu Malibu, CA
Mary Pope-Handy Live in Los Gatos Los Gatos, CA
Julie Ferenzi Living In Plainfield Plainfield, IL
Ines Hegedus-Garcia Miamism Miami, FL
Kevin Tomlinson Miami Beach Condos Miami, FL
Kelly Kilpatrick Rancho Santa Margarita Lifestyles Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Jackie Colson-Miller Real Estate Sizzle Tampa, FL
Tisza Major-Posner Route 66 Living Claremont, CA
Terri Lussier The Brick Ranch Dayton, OH

Project Blogger Mentor Blogroll:

Joe Ferrara & Rudy Bachraty, coaching Michael & Barbara Daly:Sellsius Real Estate Blog
Teresa Boardman, coaching Vali Wimberly: St. Paul Real Estate Blog
Patrick Kitano, coaching London Whitted: Transparent Real Estate
Dustin Luther, coaching Madison Hildebrand: Rain City Guide
Frances Flynn Thorsen, coaching Mary Pope-Handy: The RealtyGram Blogger
Jeff Turner, coaching Julie Ferenzi: RealEstate Shows Blog
Paul Chaney, coaching Ines Hegedus-Garcia: Blogging Systems
Ardell DellaLoggia, coaching Kevin Tomlinson: Searching Seattle Blog
Joel Burslem, coaching Kelly Kilpatrick: Future of Real Estate Marketing
Jim Cronin, coaching Jackie Colson-Miller: The Real Estate Tomato
Drew Meyers, coaching Tisza Major-Posner: Personal Insights on Web 2.0, ZillowBlog
Greg Swan, coaching Teri Lussier: Bloodhound Blog

The Project Blogger Contest runs from April 9, 2007 – July 15, 2007 – a long 14 weeks! The winning team will be announced on Wednesday, August 1st at Bloggers Connect in San Francisco. That said, everyone who’s participating is “winning” in that all are learning lots and growing wonderful blogs. There is a fantastic diversity of personalities and markets and clearly several “right ways” to blog for real estate successfully. My hat is off to each apprentice and each mentor. I have learned something from each and every one of you.