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Chocolate Dream Box – a Los Gatos Treasure!

Chocolate Dream box name and logoChocolate Dream Box has been a part of the Los Gatos landscape, in one location or another, for many years.  It first opened in downtown along North Santa Cruz Avenue, then was located on Los Gatos Boulevard and Blossom Hill Road at King’s Court Shopping Center, and now calls The Downing Center (at the corner of Union & Los Gatos-Almaden Road) home.

Today I stopped in to see the new shop, to buy a gourmet chocolate gift and see how the owner, Holly Westbrook, and staff are doing.  I’d blogged about it in 2011, back at the old location, and thought an update was in order, too, for their new location (and my blog’s new location).

Things seem to be great overall.  The new store is bigger and brighter than the former one was and feels comfortably roomy.  The decor is always beautiful, with a hint of Europe here and there to remind visitors of the inspiration.

What’s selling?  Old favorites, such as the dark and milk chocolate cats, can still be found, and as always, there’s an abundance of specialty candies and exceptionally beautiful and tasty truffles.    There are non-candy gift items too, pretty affordably priced also.  Today I saw a pewter fleur de lis that was quite tempting…

The move was, of course, a lot of work for them, and if you’re local, you know that they hadn’t wanted to move but got forced out by their former landlord.  Any business owner would be concerned about losing customers with a new location, but I imagine in time everyone will find their way to the new shop – it’s only 1.5 miles away from the old one.   An unexpected element, though, happened too – the Yelp reviews from the old location could not transfer to the new one – ouch! If you are a fan, cruise on over there and give them a shout out.  I did that today; it’s great to support our local Los Gatos businesses!



Truffles, truffles, and more truffles.  The biggest problem with visiting the Chocolate Dream Box is figuring out which one(s) to buy! (more…)

Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company also serves savory & dessert crepes

August 22, 2011

Tanya of the Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company prepares a crepe with chocolate and whipped cream for an appreciative customerThis morning I spent some time at the Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company and saw something I hadn’t noticed before: crepes being made there. 

Tanya, the cheerful employee making crepe wonders for happy customers, explained that they introduced crepes, both savory and dessert, to their menu back in January 2011.

I grabbed a menu and am certain that I will be back with my family either for breakfast or dessert (as opposed to my usual caf or decaf latte with sugar free hazlenut, my usual drink of choice).  Sweet offerings or dessert crepes include dark Belgian chocolate & whipped cream on top, Nutella, Leon & Curd, Organic Honey & Mascarpone, Strawberry and other fruit enhanced crepes (blueberry, banana).  Savory crepes listed are the Los Gatos Breakfast Crepe (Black Forrest ham, Gruyere cheese & scrambled egg), La Hacienda Crepe (Poblano green chilies, tomoatoes, olives, avocado, green onions, salsa and sour creme), Santa Cruz Crepe (with Salmon and baby spinach), Lox & cream chese, and Olympic Crepe (baby spinach, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes and feta). 

Just typing this can make me artificially hungry!

Change can be good.  This one, adding savory and dessert crepes to the Los Gatos Coffee Roasting menu, certainly qualifies. 

I’ll be back.


The Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company is located at 101 E. Main Street, near the intersection with University Avnue in beautiful, downtown Los Gatos. Tel # 408 354-3263

Local "Los Gatos" Gift

February 22, 2010

Chocolate Dream Box offers delicious chocolate cats, shaped like the famous Leo & Leona in Los GatosEver want to give your out-of-area visitors something special to welcome them to Los Gatos, or to send home with them as a parting gift and a happy memory of days here?  Something wonderful, small, and deliciously local are the chocolate cats, shaped like Leo & Leona, which can be purchased at the Chocolate Dream Box at King’s Court Shopping Center.

These chocolaty goodies are easily packable – they’re not much bigger than an adult finger.  They come in milk and dark chocolate so are sure to please everyone.  (I wouldn’t mind seeing them come in white chocolate too 🙂  For some reason, they are not listed on the store’s website along with most everything else that’s mentioned on the Flavors page.

The Chocolate Dream Box is located at 710 Blossom Hill Road, Los Gatos, CA 95032.  The phone number is 408 356-2626 and they can be found online at

(This is not a paid post – as with all my posts mentioning local businesses which I like and patronize, it was my idea to write this up and I receive no compensation or perks for doing so.)