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Beyond Text bookstore

Beyond Text bookstore

The Beyond Text bookstore has opened in downtown Los Gatos!  This newly launched, independent bookstore is very bright and wonderfully laid out. If you haven’t been, plan to visit it soon, you will be delighted that you did!

Exterior of Beyond Text bookstore on North Santa Cruz Avenue, Los Gatos


Beyond Text has a creative, welcoming feel from the moment you step inside. It reaches out to all ages, with children’s books being impossible to miss. The books themselves include a wide variety with classics, beautifully illustrated pieces, and new releases included among the offerings.

There’s tons of natural light, but also cozy (and still bright) nooks for reading and exploring. The books and other merchandise are creatively presented.


Book nook at Beyond Text


American Italian Deli

American Italian Deli

On Monday, Jim and picked up sandwiches at the American Italian Deli for lunch. The day was nice, but was about to change, so we wanted to have our outdoor lunch before the weather made that less appealing. We really appreciate patio dining options!


American Italian Deli LG - outside seating

American Italian Deli – nice outside dining space as well as some indoor seating

The American Italian Deli has a good sized patio, and some tables include umbrellas. The area does not feel crowded, and it’s fairly quiet as it faces a parking lot rather than North Santa Cruz Avenue. (People watching not as interesting, but the quiet and lack of car fumes was great.)

Instead of music, the the audio featured a talk-radio news station. That made it more difficult to chat during our meal, and was distracting with war stories and politics going in the background.

Bar style seating on stools as well as some table seating was provided indoors and, as mentioned, there were plenty of seats outside, too.

I should add that this eatery was spotless – absolutely pristine – when we were there.

Location bonus: it’s right next door to the newly opened Domus (which had been closed, and missed, for more than a decade).


American Italian Deli LG - counter and menu


Spring Fashion Show

Spring Fashion Show

The Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a pre-Mother’s Day special event, the Spring Fashion Show & Brunch, on Saturday, May 6, 2023 from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at The Palms.

Spring Fashion Show Details:

Showcased will be the offerings of downtown Los Gatos merchants.

Buffet Brunch of quiche, salad & dessert, unlimited mimosas & soft drinks. No host bar.

Tickets are $85 each or $340 for a table of 4. Learn more or purchase tickets online at the Chamber’s page for this fun event.


Photo of women in a fashion show with words: "Spring Fashion Show and Brunch - Los Gatos"


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Best suburbs list includes Los Gatos

Best suburbs list includes Los Gatos

Los Gatos was just named in a list of the “Top 20 Best Suburbs for City-Like Living” in a study sponsored by Storage Cafe. It was one of four Bay Area communities to receive that honor.

These lively suburbs with an urban flair were sifted from 912 cities or towns with populations between 10,000 and 100,000 in 100 of the largest metropolitan areas

Pal Alto #3
Los Gatos #7
Burlingame #8
Menlo Park #16


Here’s the whole list:

Top 20 Best Suburbs list by Storage Cafe

Best Suburbs Criteria

How did these four areas get named to the “best suburbs” list? We know and love these communities, but many others, too, such as Saratoga, Los Altos, and Campbell.

The criteria used, per their article:

  • Residential landscape: housing affordability, new construction and housing diversity (single-family, multifamily homes)
  • Demographics
  • Business environment
  • Shopping and dining amenities
  • Health
  • Education
  • Safety
  • Transportation options
  • Self storage prices and availability as a way to maximize home space

Housing affordability probably should have taken all of the Bay Area cities off the list, so I’m not sure how they – and especially Palo Alto – ranked so highly overall. None of these would be called affordable communities. However, we do have diversity in housing types with plenty of condos and townhouses, senior living communities and senior condos to purchase , and of course varying sizes of domiciles.

Check out all of the details on these communities and see more graphics on their page: Suburbs That Feel Like Big Cities

Love downtown Los Gatos? Read up on a couple of the neighborhoods right “in town” (on this site):

Almond Grove Historic District

Broadway Area Historic District


Kamakura Japanese Restaurant

Kamakura Japanese Restaurant

Kamakura Sushi & Sake House is better known to locals as Kamakura Japanese Restaurant in Los Gatos.  The menu offerings are wider than sushi and sake, though of course they are prominently offered. If you enjoy Japanese food of all kinds, this is a place you’ll be happy to try. I visit there at least a couple of times each year, and would not mind going a lot more often.

Patio dining at Kamakura Japanese Restaurant in the Covid era

Jim Handy enjoying his udon at Kamakura Japanese Restaurant in Los Gatos on Dec 12th. Earlier this week Jim and I enjoyed lunch in the parklet out front at Kamakura. I’m adding comments about our December visit to an older article (below) from pre-Covid days.

We were the first patrons at Kamakura Japanese Restaurant that day, and we asked if we could sit outdoors with the heater on, and the hostess quickly said yes and got us seated there. (Not so long ago I was at another Los Gatos eatery for lunch with clients and I had phoned ahead to see if they would be willing to turn the heaters on for us – it was equally frigid that day – and they said they didn’t know if they had any propane! And those heaters did not get used.)

The metal chairs were initially a little icy (so next time I might bring a sweater to sit on!) but it didn’t take long to be comfortable. The tables are spaced apart at a good distance. That’s not something we see everywhere and we really valued it.

Sometimes when guests are seated outdoors they can be overlooked by the staff. That did not happen in the least. The service was extremely attentive. As always, the food was delicious and hot. Our server and the hostess both brought us refills of our hot tea many times. We were there on a particularly chilly day, December 12, and the hot tea was wonderful to enjoy.

Of special note: many restaurants with crab dishes use a cheaper imitation crab, but Kamakura boasts “real crab” on their menu.


2022-12-12 12.01.28 Patio heater at Kamakura Japanese Restaurant in Los Gatos

Our hostess was also great with the heater when it glitched. At one point it turned off and she quickly moved us to another table (and later was able to get the first heater working.)

The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming. It felt like a very Covid-safe setting. The food was memorably good. On a scale of 1 to 10, it warrants at least an 11.

Indoor dining at Kamakura Japanese Restaurant

(Older info and photos are below.)
Kamakura Sushi and Sake House sign - taken at night