Los Gatos Youth Theatre summer musicals

Los Gatos Youth Theatre presents “All Shook Up” in an outdoor venue starting tonight – tickets are on sale now!

This school edition of All Shook Up is inspired by, and features the music of, Elvis Presley.


reprise all shook up - LGYT

Here are the details from the Los Gatos Youth Theatre:


Time to Get🎵All Shook Up🎶. It’s been TWO long years, but we are back performing LIVE with TWO DIFFERENT SHOW VERSIONS AND TWO CASTS! COME TO BOTH!

Shows Tonight, Sat, Sun, Thur, Fri, and Sat

OnStage Outdoors at RJ Fisher Middle School.

Performances start at sundown. Seating opens at 8pm.



Encore High School Cast

July 16, 22 and 24



Reprise 10-14 yrs old Cast (photo of dress rehearsal)

July 17,18 and 23


Under the direction of Artistic Director, Heather Stokes


Tickets: $15



Los Gatos Youth Theatre logo

Los Gatos Youth Theater summer musicals showtimes:

Encore – July 16, 22, 24
Reprise (Young@Part) – July 17, 18, 23
Seating begins at 8pm
Outdoors Onstage @ Fisher Middle School
19195 Fisher Avenue, Los Gatos

Tickets on sale @ https://lgyt.seatyourself.biz

Learn more about Los Gatos Youth Theatre at https://LGYT.net/


Los Gatos Youth Theatre - All Shook Up

Sereno Group Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Pumpkin Contest Sereno GroupIt’s time to decorate some pumpkins! Sereno Group is hosting its 11th annual pumpkin decorating contest and invites kids to transform a small pumpkin into a work of art! This is not a carving contest and there should be no punctures of any kind as these works of art will need to last, and any cuts will cause rotting.

Every child who enters will get a small gift. Voting on the best work of art will take place during office meetings for each of the four age groups, with the winner of each getting a prize.


The age groups for this contest are:

  • 2 to 3 years
  • 4 to 6
  • 7 to 11
  • 12 to 14

Small pumpkins are being given away at the Sereno Group office locations in Los Gatos (2 locations), Saratoga, Willow Glen, Aptos, Santa Cruz, Los Altos and Palo Alto. Optionally, entrants may bring their own small pumpkin.

The deadline is Wednesday, October 30th, 2019 (voting in the offices will be the next day). Have fun – we cannot wait to see the decorated pumpkins!

Here are the Los Gatos locations, but feel free to use the others listed on the Pumpkin decorating contest poster:

Los Gatos (open M – F, 9 – 5)
214 Los Gatos-Saratoga Road, Los Gatos

Los Gatos Northpoint (open M – F, 9 – 5)
634 N. Santa Cruz Ave, Suite 100, Los Gatos

Sereno Group pumpkin decorating contest info 2019
Please click on image to see poster in full size (link to my dropbox file)







Kid friendly things to do in and near Los Gatos

Kids sailing at VasonaWill you be visiting Los Gatos for a day or weekend, or staying for a lifetime?  Either way, there are tons of things to do for children of all ages both in and near Los Gatos.


If the weather’s fine, as it often is here, you might start by introducing your kids to Oak Meadow and Vasona Parks, which are adjacent to each other.  Oak Meadow includes a great airplane that kids can climb on, a beautiful carousel and a small train that loops into Vasona and back. Vasona has paddle boats that can be rented (seasonally).  And of course there’s lots of playground equipment and sprawling lawn for those who want to toss a ball or frisbee around.  For time outdoors, these parks are hard to beat.  Read more about these very cool parks here:  https://liveinlosgatosblog.com/vasona-and-oak-meadow/

The Youth Science Institute is a program offered at Vasona to help educate students on nature.  This is not a one day event but is extremely worthwhile.  Check it out: http://www.ysi-ca.org/

If your little people like to hike and explore, the Montalvo estate and grounds in Saratoga is a great nearby option on a dry day, too.  Montalvo is an arts center but there are wonderful trails which can be enjoyed.  But no picnicing, sorry!  Learn more at my Valley of Heart’s Delight blog: http://sanjoserealestatelosgatoshomes.com/great-time-of-year-to-visit-villa-montalvo/

All ages: any of the free music events, all of which are out doors, virtually all summer long in Los Gatos!

Touristy but still fun

Roaring Camp and Big Trees   http://www.roaringcamp.com/

The Mystery Spot http://www.mysteryspot.com/

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk  http://beachboardwalk.com/

California’s Great America in Santa Clara (amusement park, rides)   https://www.cagreatamerica.com/

Time to eat!

There are MANY great kid-friendly restaurants in Los Gatos.  A few of my favorites are these:

 Indoor Fun

The Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose https://www.cdm.org/

The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose  https://www.thetech.org/

Petroglyph (in Los Gatos, Willow Glen, and Santa Cruz locally) http://www.petroglyph.com/


Looking for more ideas?  There’s a slightly longer list of kid friendly things to do on another of my blogs. Have a read:


The Silicon Valley Jewish Music Festival

May 15, 2011

The Silicon Valley Jewish Music Festival is a new and free daylong musical event making its debut this Sunday, May 22nd, 2011 at the Jewish Community Center on Oka Road in Los Gatos. All are welcome and there will be a variety of music, food, and fun for people of all ages (including a KidZone). Parking is free too. 

To get more details, please read the article on JWeekly.com:
Silicon Valley Jewish Music Fest to premiere at Los Gatos JCC.  I hope to see you there!

What’s It Like to Live in Los Gatos?

Los Gatos - aerial view from over Lexington Reservoir
Los Gatos – aerial view from over Lexington Reservoir

What’s it like to live in Los Gatos?  The answer to that depends on who you are, where you live, and what you love to do.  Generally speaking, people who live in Los Gatos have a sense of belonging both to this great town and also to nearby areas such as San Jose & the greater Silicon Valley or “South Bay” communities or the mountain communities if they are in the hills over town in places like Redwood Estates, Chemeketa Park, etc.  The town is very much self-contained, but not insular.

At the core, Los Gatos is a scenic, historic, vibrant community with great affection for culture, entertainment, parks and schools. In many ways, it feels a bit European.  Los Gatos has an artistic flare.  It is not “sleepy”. The town gets 300 sunny days a year and the townsfolk love to be outdoors.  There’s a lot of community involvement and volunteerism.  If you want to help out, there are loads of ways you can do that and get to know your neighbors.

The town enjoys two main commercial areas: the historic downtown area of Los Gatos (Main Street, University Avenue, North Santa Cruz and Los Gatos-Saratoga Road area) and The Boulevard (Los Gatos Blvd, which is what Main Street turns into as it heads north past Blossom Hill Road and Los Gatos Almaden Road).  If you live here, the odds are that you’ll have occassion to visit both fairly often. We’re a place which values history but also embraces high tech.  Netflix calls Los Gatos home, and so does Cryptic Studios (video game company).  There are plenty of grocery stores, including Safeway, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Nob Hill and Lunardi’s, plus several small corner markets too. The Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce provides a fabulous community calendar and runs several excellent events during the year, including horse drawn carriage rides during the holidays.

Residential areas span the town’s 10 square miles with some charming historic homes in historic districts, but most properties do not have 100+ year old houses. Most neighborhoods are tidy and fairly scenic. The town has some modest condominiums and townhomes as well as smaller single family homes and ranges up to large luxury estates with huge acreage or spectacular views.  Prices run from under $1 to about $5,000,000 for most houses, but once in awhile we find more expensive properties, and as of this writing there have only been 2 over $10 million.

Los Gatos holiday parade
Los Gatos holiday parade

We know how to have fun as a community and enjoy events year round.  In summer, Los Gatos comes together to appreciate 3 free musical concert series, , Fiesta de Artes, and so much more. September brings us Screen on the Green. In winter there are holiday happenings with the light festival at Vasona Park, a tree-lighting ceremony the first Friday in December and a huge holiday parade the next day. Year-round, visiting the Farmer’s Market is as much fun as it is serious shopping (every Sunday morning in front of the post office).

Need some down time? Los Gatos can help you there, as well, as we are brimming with salons and places for pampering and massage.  Or shop yourself happy at our many many stores.  Love expensive cars?We’ve got that too.  We have restaurants ranging world class dining to 50s style hot dog and hambuger joints and everything in between.  We have wine bars and tasting rooms – right in town but also in the Santa Cruz Mountains and neighboring San Jose and Saratoga.   Los Gatos is a wonderful place to spend a quiet weekend for R & R.

Just want to be somewhere that looks unique?  We understand.  So often, you go to Anytown USA and it looks just like everywhere else (especially when you shop).  First, our town, once called the Gem City, is snuggled into the Santa Cruz Mountains – so there’s a gorgeous backdrop.  Second, we care about preserving our historic features, so you will find classic architecture of several kinds in homes and commercial buildings both.  Our scenery is both natural and architectural!

No shortage of cultural things to do in town either. In addition to the music and art & wine festival, we also have two museums combined into one, the NuMu (New Museum) – one for art, one for history.  And maybe the brightest star in the sky for culture right now is our newest project: a great new library for which was recently completed. (The library and history museum have a fantastic project on Los Gatos history, too.)  If you cross the pedestrian bridge between Forbes Mill and Old Town, you’ll find that kids have been encouraged to get artistic (they have painted the walls along that bridge).  Beautiful, professional murals can be found throughout the town.


Los Gatos High School, facing Main Street
Los Gatos High School, facing Main Street

The public schools are a very big priority for many people in Los Gatos. The town and the Los Gatos Mountain areas have a few different school districts, with scores ranging from good to great.  There are no bad schools in Los Gatos.  Parents are very involved and care about their kids’ success.  Not every child is in public schools, though: interestingly, about 1/3 of the children in Los Gatos attend private schools either here in town or in a neighboring community.

Los Gatos is a very “fit” place overall – if you like to hike, bike, jog, walk, swim you’ll have ample opportunities, alone or in groups.  Parks & Rec is also vibrant in Los Gatos.  There aren’t many communities where you can have your kids attend a camp and learn to sail, but you can do that here!  There are all kinds of community classes and camps.  Additionally, the town includes many private businesses for fitness (swimming, tennis, weights, yoga, pilates, classes, and more) and the gorgeous Los Gatos Creek Trail beckons.  Horseback riding can be found too – all within Los Gatos. Whether you want to find a personal trainer, work out at the fabulous new JCC complex, sail at Vasona or walk in Belgatos Park or along the creek trail, there are almost infinite options for exercise here, many of those options in scenic places.

Spirituality and religion are also a part of life in Los Gatos for many residents.  The town is home to many faith communities (about a half dozen of which do interfaith activities each Thanksgiving and sometimes more often than that). Many of them have outreach to the community with assistance for the homeless, bereaved, jobless, and many other needs.

Los Gatos is very kid friendly, very seniors friendly, and very dog friendly.  The first two might not surprise you as we have so many events and in many places it’s a “walkable” town which has amazingly good weather.

Kids and Los Gatos

The parks, schools, and myriad of free and low-cost events make Los Gatos a fabulous place for young people. The big town in Silicon Valley, San Jose, was recently named as one of the top 100 cities (ranking # 39 – Fremont, btw, was # 5) in the country to raise kids.

Dogs in the Town of Cats

The dog thing surprises many since the town is Los Gatos, meaning The Cats, and you will see cat logos every
where.  But visit downtown and you’ll find an awful lot of shops and restaurants have places for dogs to be tethered or watered.  At Halloween there’s always a pet parade which benefits the Los Gatos – Monte Sereno Police K9 unit.  And Los Gatos shares a dog park with our neighboring city of Campbell.

Seniors in Los Gatos

Housing:  There are a couple of condo complexes in town which are specifically for seniors.  They are more affordable than “regular” housing.  One is on West Parr Avenue and the other off Alberto Way (The Commons of Los Gatos).

Additionally, there are other types of senior housing too, including independent living (rental), assisted living and nursing. (I wrote a lenghy post on downsizing and retiring in Los Gatos which you might find helpful.)

Entertainment:  Los Gatos has a very active Seniors Center and our Parks & Rec Center features many offerings at low cost too. Many restaurants in town offer special pricing for early bird or senior suppers, so there are plenty of excuses to get out!  If you visit Oak Meadow Park on a Saturday morning, you may be able to watch some older gentleman playing a little Bocce Ball.  They are regular fixtures there!

What are the people like in Los Gatos?

Old and young, area (Silicon Valley) natives, replanted Americans and immigrants all make this place home.  (Many of the newcomers are in high tech, just like the rest of the valley.) Demographics sites like can give you the breakdown by zip code on income, education, etc., but because this is a pricey area, it does tend to attract those who are very well educated and who have professional jobs. Please just google that to find the most current demographics site – my old favorite, ZipSkinny.com, has disappeared.

Some of the well-to-do in town can be identified as such by their cars, clothes and jewelry, but just as often, it’s more like “the millionaire next door”.  Some of the best paid (or best at saving) don’t drive the newest luxury vehicle or wear the biggest diamonds.  So don’t be fooled – the guy in the Honda minivan or the woman in the old Toyota may just be anti-status symbol. (And it can run the other way too: some of those with expensive vehicles, clothes or jewelry may put all their eggs into the appearances basket.)

Several famous people have chosen to make Los Gatos their home. They blend in just like everyone else. You may bump into them at Whole Foods, FedEx Office, the car wash, a community event, the Chocolate Dream Box or anywhere in town.  I’m not going to list them here – most probably prefer to be left alone unless contacted through their websites, and I’m happy to not contribute to their being hounded by star crazy people.   (Los Gatos has been home to many other famous people, and had famous visitors too, in the past.)

Los Gatos is not just for the wealthy – there are many middle class and some economically disadvantaged people here too.

There is not one “Los Gatos Lifestyle”. Some residents may focus their activities on sports, others on wine or coffee bars, still others on a school, church, synagogue or even the town government.  We see a lot of different hobbies and interests, whether it’s volunteerism, art, history, government, business, or sports (to name just a few!).  The beach is only a half an hour away too, so that is also part of the fabric of the community.

To learn more about life in Los Gatos, please read other posts on this blog, view the photos and if you want personalized information, please contact me!

Relocating to Silicon Valley? Consider Los Gatos!

Relocating to Los Gatos?


Classic Kids Photography "Rock Your TuTu" Fundraiser in May for St Jude Hospital

May 07, 2010

Here’s a great opportunity to help a wonderful cause – St. Jude Hospital for Children!

Classic Kids Rock Your TuTu for St Jude Hospital (May Special - all sitting fees go to charity)

Lynn Miano, the manager & photographer of the Los Gatos store, asked me to provide a little assistance with getting the word out about this effort. “This is a fun and great campaign we are doing the entire month of May and 100% of the sitting fees will benefit St. Jude Children

Halloween Events In and Near Los Gatos in 2009

October 27, 2009

Happy Halloween!Halloween is fast approaching, but there are still a few more events in and near Los Gatos to get you into the spirit!

At Oak Meadow Park, once again the Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce is putting on the Haunted Halloween Forest and Goblyn’s Glen (to benefit the Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad and more). For tickets and more information, please call 408-395-7433 or visit Website.  Next two events are Friday and Saturday of this week, from 7 – 10pm.

There are many, many more Halloween events the rest of this week posted on Craigslist. If you click on the link below, it will take you to an extensive collection of Halloween events in Siicon Valley.  Scroll down to

October 26 – 31

South Bay:

and there you’ll find 22 items listed in San Jose, Saratoga, Sunnyvale, Los Altos and all over the south bay.

Happy Halloween!