The Holiday Season in Los Gatos: So Much To Do!

Christmas tree and packages with a greeting of Happy Holidays on a bannerDecember is almost upon us, and with it comes all kinds of holiday events and activities in beautiful Los Gatos.

Keeping up is half the battle with so much happening this December! To make your season a little less stressful and a little more jolly, I have organized a list of holiday events and activities going on in Los Gatos. Below you will find two lists – one with unique events you might only have a day or two to enjoy, and a separate list of ongoing events you can join in all December long. These lists do not include religious services, so please check your preferred place of prayer for those schedules.

So get ready for carriage rides, the Fantasy of Lights, the tree lighting ceremony, the Los Gatos holiday parade, crafting, caroling, cookies and more!

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Earth Hour is Tomorrow!

March 26, 2010

Earth Hour, the largest worldwide event focused on raising awareness on climate change, is tomorrow (March 27, 2010) from 8:30pm to 9:30pm local time.  The event’s organizers are asking everyone – individuals, companies, stores, and all – to turn off their lights for one hour.  You don’t need to stay in the dark – candles are OK!

Who’s doing it? The governor’s office has become an Earth Hour member, and the state capitol will shut off its lights. Several landmarks are joining in by turning off all non-essential lights: LAX, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Queen Mary hotel (ship), the Santa Monica Pier, the Governor’s Mansion… Additionally, many cities, towns and counties are participating.  So have 44 of the colleges and universities in CA, and 100 schools. A number of celebrities are supporting this too; you can see their encouragement on video clips on the Earth Hour website.



December 27, 2006

Lost Los Gatos Luminarias?

Usually on Christmas Eve, my husband and I take our kids on a drive around Los Gatos after dark to take in the pretty Christmas lights that grace homes, yards, and trees. And each time, we make sure to visit the Vista del Monte neighborhood, where we’re treated to a look at homes with luminarias on Worcester Loop and Worcester Lane. Normally, there are a lot of homes that make a huge effort and put these out.

But not this year. What happened? We saw just three homes – all on Worcester Lane – with luminarias this year.

Perhaps it was too much work, or perhaps they thought no one cared or noticed. But our family certainly did enjoy seeing them! They are so pretty, but also they have a religious relevance, which I particularly appreciate with the commercialization of the feast. To me, it’s a great reminder about what Christmas is really about, and I missed it that most of the homes didn’t do it this year.

And my hat is off to the three homes that did do it. Thank you, we noticed and enjoyed seeing them!

I hope the luminarias will be back next year, like so many other wonderful Christmas traditions.