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California Cafe in Old Town is closing soon

Sad news on the dining front: California Cafe in Old Town, Los Gatos, has announced that it will be closing at the end of July on its Facebook page.  No reason was provided for the closure. This fine dining establishment once hosted then-president Bill Clinton.  For many Los Gatans, it’s a go-to place for special occasions.  This lovely restaurant will be sorely missed – and we wish the proprietors well in whatever venture they next undertake.

Here’s what the restaurant said:

“After 31 years of happily serving the Los Gatos community, we regret to announce the closing of California Cafe at the end of July. Join us tomorrow, July 9, for a special one-day offer featuring 31% off all food and beverage purchases. Check back here for additional farewell offers throughout the month.”

Hurry on down there TODAY, Saturday, July 9th, for a substantial discount.  Learn more at the eatery’s FB page:

California Cafe at Old Town, Los Gatos - closing July 2016

California Cafe at Old Town, Los Gatos – closing July 2016

Old Town shopping center in downtown Los Gatos

Old Town shopping center July 2014There have been a whole lot of changes over at Old Town in Los Gatos during the last decade or two. Some shops moved in, others moved away, some folded entirely due to the prolonged recession or simply the way some businesses have to compete today.

Borders was a casualty and I think everyone in town still misses it. Steamer’s used to have a free standing building in what is now part of the parking lot, but moved across the street to the ‘new’ part of Old Town that was built in recent years. The Wine Cellar added patio dining. Chico’s moved from one side to the other recently.

Before the most massive remodeling in 1996, Old Town had a tremendous number of wonderful topiary plants. It was a great fit with The Wooden Horse, which was located at this former school campus, back then. It was a more kitschy, less upscale place – but quite honestly, I preferred it that way.

There’s a great article on the changes at Old Town – if you’re interested, have a look:

Los Gatos Magazine article on Old Town from March 2014

The shopping center’s website is here:

Never been? Old Town is located on University Avenue (near Main) in Los Gatos.