Live Oak Manor Park & west Carlton area

There is a small pocket of Los Gatos with Los Gatos High School (Los Gatos schools) close to Ace Hardware and Live Oak Manor Park just off of Los Gatos-Almaden Road and Los Gatos Boulevard. It’s sometimes called the Live Oak Manor neighborhood. Some may call it the Carlton area, after the major street that runs through it. I have heard Realtors refer to it as “the Garcia tract” after the main builder in that neighborhood. For our purposes, I’ll call it the Live Oak Manor Park & west Carlton area to distinguish other parts of Carlton which have a different school district (Union School District) or are in the Cambrian area of San Jose.

Neighborhood map for Live Oak Manor and west Carlton area

Live Oak Manor Park & west Carlton area: location, location, location

This area is super convenient for commuters. It’s only about a half mile to the on ramp to Highway 17, and about 1 mile to Highway 85. If the freeway is backed up, it’s easy enough to get to alternate routes, such as Highway 9 or San Tomas Expressway. For those who work at Good Samaritan Hospital or one of the nearby medical offices, work is a short walk or bike ride away.

It’s not so close to downtown Los Gatos that it gets socked in with beach traffic on summer weekends. It’s easy to get to restaurants and shops along Los Gatos Boulevard, a short jaunt to the Los Gatos Creek Trail, and a quick trip to get to the JCC on Oka Road. Need groceries? Nob Hill is only a half mile away, as is the Los Gatos Cafe Uptown, Una Mas, and several other tempting destinations.

A huge plus, of course, are the highly regarded Los Gatos schools. This area is a little less expensive than nearby neighborhoods such as Blossom Manor to the south.

For many, being close to a neighborhood park is another important perk – a place to run the dogs, for kids to play, or just to get out of the house without needing a car.

Something else that should be noted is that this is a scenic pocket and most of the streets are tree lined, making it a pleasant place to be even if none of the neighborhood amenities are enjoyed.

Street view along Carlester Drive, Los Gatos, near Live Oak Manor Park

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What's the Web Got on You?

July 29, 2007

A couple of days ago, I did a post on how you can cut down on your junk mail and junk phone calls. But did you ever wonder how these people even know to call you? (My husband always tells me to NOT enter contests with my personal info – he’s convinced that’s one way that my info gets “out there”.) But I love a good contest….

One site you should check out is Zaba Search. I mention this because it will wake you up if you “Zaba” your own name and see what exactly is “out there”. Go on, try it. Visit and type in your own name. Do you live in Los Gatos? There’s a good chance your home address is right there for all to see.

See what I mean?  Scary, isn’t it? If you have ever had  a listed address, it’s in there. If you have owned property and recorded it in your own name (rather than in the name of a trust), it’s in there.

What can you do?  I’m not a privacy expert but there are a few things I’ve learned. If you have any kind of a license from the state (whether you live in California or elsewhere), your address is listed somewhere on the web. Assuming that some people are nuts and others may be mean (though 99% are very decent and kind), do NOT list your personal residence on your license. I don’t care if you’re a doctor, lawyer, real estate salesperson, insurance salesperson or anyone else
with a license. Either use your work address or get a PO Box if you have to. If it’s on your license, it’s public!

Also – do not list your home address in the phone book. That may seem obvious but I took ours out when someone unexpectedly showed up on our doorstep from out of state.I love being hospitable, but I DO want to know they’re coing. Keep your address out of the phone book.

And if you do buy propery (house, condo, or other real estate), if privacy is really important to you, see an attorney and talk about having a trust with the property’s name in the trust. Your name could be Sally Smith and you could set up a trust with a fictitious name, as I understand it, such as “The Crosby Family Trust” or the “John Smith Family Trust”. That way you could – I think – have property without your real name being attached to it. This might be a really good idea if you had a sensitive job (criminal attorney, CIA/NSA/FBI employee, etc.) I have not had any of my Silicon Valley buyer clients do this to my knowledge – but I do know it is something to consider for folks with extra safety worries.

Meanwhile, Zaba yourself. You might be surprised at what you read!