Remember to vote tomorrow!

voteTomorrow is Super Tuesday, and in addition to the presidential primary, there are a number of other issues on the ballot. Please remember to vote!

This year voting is being done a little differently. Ballots and booklets on the propositions were mailed out a few weeks back. A number of locations have been open for dropping off ballots for awhile. If you aren’t sure where to go, please check the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters website. Or phone them at 408-299-8683.

There are two types of locations: some are drop off only, and others are voting locations.

Ballot Drop Box locations in and near Los Gatos include these:

  • Los Gatos Public Library
  • Los Gatos Town Hall
  • Monte Sereno City Hall
  • Saratoga City Hall
  • Saratoga Library
  • West Valley College Fox Center
  • Campbell Library
  • Vineland Branch Library (Cambrian)

Vote Centers – locations where you can actually vote and not simply turn in your ballot

  • Los Gatos Lodge – El Gato Room
  • The Pavilion at Redwood Estates
  • Belwood Cabana Club (east Los Gatos)

And MANY other locations – please check the link above for the complete list.



Have you voted on your preferences for the North 40 yet?

June 30, 2011

Just a couple more days to do this and it only takes about two minutes – if you haven’t provided your feedback yet, the town wants to hear from you!  What type of architectural style would be most appropriate in the “North 40”?  If you’re new here, this is the last, large open space in Los Gatos.  It is nearly 40 acres and is bounded by Los Gatos Boulevard, Lark Avenue, Highway 17 and Highway 85.  Please be heard – how should look when it’s developed over the next few years?

If you’re a resident of Los Gatos, please take a few moments to answer the 33 question survey on your preferences for the North 40.  The survey closes in early July, so don’t wait!

Where to Vote in Los Gatos Today?

November 02, 2010

Voting sign at the Belwood Cabana in Los GatosPlease vote today – it is both the Gubernatorial Election and a number of key propositions are on the ballot!

Scene at Belwood's polling place at about 9:15am on Tuesday, Feb 5th. Short lines, great weather!In case you have misplaced your voter guide and need to know where to go, the League of Women’s Voters has that info on their Smart Voter site, using this link for Santa Clara County:

Remember to bring your photo ID.

See you at the polls!


The Los Gatos Town Council Race: Get to Know the Candidates Better

October 01, 2008

Logo for the Town of Los GatosThe Los Gatos Town Council has two slots coming open and four candidates running for those seats: Peggy Dallas, Steve Rice, Michael Kane and Barbara Spector (who is the mayor currently).

On September 25th, the candidates came together for an hourlong forum which can now be viewed online on the Los Gatos town website: Council Candidate Forum 2008. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear and see the agents side-by-side, see how they respond to critical questions and to get their vision of what they hope to do if elected. I found it immensely helpful in evaluating each one directly.

The San Jose Mercury News and Los Gatos Weekly-Times posted an article on this today too, and it’s also worth reading: “Los Gatos council candidates focus on development, recreation in forum”.

Please see also: Election 2008 – Voting in Los Gatos, posted November 2, 2008

Los Gatos Skate Park Initiative: Please Vote!

January 29, 2008

Perhaps the most hotly contested and divisive issue in the history of Los Gatos has been the skatepark ballot initiative. It is upsetting to see how much hostility has emerged.

The Los Gatos Observer carries the controvery in an “up close and personal” kind of way. There have been an inordinate about of personal opinions, rebuttals, comments, and accusations – all found on this news site’s pages. It’s a soap opera with a political bent.

As for me: I have just one request. Please vote. My hope is that the town gets a huge turnout next Tuesday and that the voters will speak their peace and then we will HAVE peace. Truthfully, I am sick of the complaints. Most of them are coming from the “pro D” camp, but they are found on both sides. I am sick of the stolen political signs. And perhaps most of all, I am sick of the villification of the other side. There are good people on both sides of the argument and it is sickening to read the villification of folks on the other side of the argument.  Arguments could be made for voting either way – so let’s leave the “ad hominems” out of it.


And then, please, let’s move forward.

Blogging About Los Gatos:Project Blogger Contest is Winding Down!

July 24, 2007

Mary Pope-Handy is a contestant in Project BloggerN for those in a hurry, how to vote info is at the bottom of this post.

Back in November, this blog was launched as a place to discuss living in Los Gatos – its events, parks, vistas, lifestyle, history…and even a few posts on the town’s haunted places, for instance. Little did this novice blogger know that come April, the web log would have a national audience as it was evolving under the auspices of
Frances Flynn Thorsen (managing editor of Real Town, where this blog is hosted) and the Project Blogger Contest. In a nutshell, there are 12 pairs of contestants (one mentor – Fran is mine – and one apprentice – your humble servant). The winning team gets to assign $5000 to charity and Fran and I will have it go to CARE if we win.

How do the winners get chosen? It’s two components: weekly judging plus the popular vote. The contest ran 14 long weeks, April 9 – July 15. Each week is judged and so far, 12 of the weeks have been done and we are in the lead. Two weeks are outstanding, and so is the PUBLIC VOTING.  (There was a prior voting attempt but it had to be thrown out.) Voting counts for 15% of the overall score.

Do you like this Live in Los Gatos blog? If so, I would like to invite you to consider taking a few minutes and casting a vote for Fran and me!

If you’d like to see the posts, here’s where you can find them (all mentors/apprentices for these 14 weeks):

To see a list of teams:

If you’d like to vote, here’s how:

(1)  please select your blogger team
(2)  email your vote to:
(3)  for the vote to be count it must include your first & last name plus phone number you can be reached at for verification.
(4) the deadline for votes is Friday July 27 at Midnight PDT. “

Fran and I would be most grateful if you liked our work enough to endorse it by emailing the gents at Active Rain with a vote for Frances Flynn Thorsen and Mary Pope-Handy