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March 11, 2011

Who says you can’t get much for a buck these days?

The little historic house that sat at 17 Fiesta Way (where the new Los Gatos library is being built) was moved to the corner of Winchester and Lark Avenues in Los Gatos for awhile, but now sits at the back end of the lot at 463 University Avenue.  Its proud new owners purchased the house for $1 (but the “move” and land cost much more!). 

Yesterday I drove past and saw the house poised at the rear of the lot with a large hole in front – looks  like a basement as well as a foundation is on its way. Probably a great idea as the house is not large!  Here are some pics – hope you enjoy them.

The little house in Los Gatos which moved from 17 Fiesta Lane to 463 University Avenue

Gary Schloh is the architect working on this renovation & tasteful expansion

The house which has been moved to 463 University Avenue almost backs up to Safeway (on N Santa Cruz Avenue) - you can see the construction behind it