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August 07, 2008

Purple Onion Front

The Purple Onion Restaurant and Catering in Los Gatos, CA

Last Friday, my teens and I stopped for lunch at The Purple Onion, a new Los Gatos restaurant, which opened April 18th at the former site of Caffe Siena (Main Street and College Avenue, across from The Penthouse Apartments).  We enjoyed outside dining and experienced prompt, polite service and great food, so it is something I wanted to share here on ”

Live in Los Gatos“.

As with its predecessor, at The Purple Onion, customers order at the counter, pay (they do take credit cards, though there’s no logos for them on the front entry), and find a seat. Servers will bring the food to you. Tables and chairs are available both indoors and out.

Lunch Foods

A sampling of lunch foods at the counter.

My kids each ordered sandwiches and I ordered a salad. Brian’s was a hot sandwich, and it was so good he had a hard time keeping it on his plate between bites. Clair had a french roll with salami or prociutto and she, too, savored hers. For me it was the Cafe Salad, a wonderful mix of chicken, cranberries, a soft cheese, pistachios, greens and even a few flower petals – which made the presentation lovely – with a sweet vinegarette dressing.   We ordered soft drinks as well and our total, with tax (before tipping) was about $41.00.

This morning I returned with camera in hand to take a few pics and hopefully to meet the proprietors. (I came away with coffee and sweet rolls for home.) I was in luck and met Steve Angelo, the chef/owner, and Lisa Hanson, pastry chef & party planner. I had not realized, the week before, that The Purple Onion offers catering too, but overheard a patron inquiring about it. The store’s website has information on catering, too.

Purple Onion Steve and Lisa

Steve Angelo and Lisa Hanson of The Purple Onion in Los Gatos

The Purple Onion is open Tues-Sun from 7am to 4pm, closed on Mondays.  It is located at 26 E Main St
Los Gatos, CA 95030. Tel 408 354-4124. Or visit their catering site online:

Parking is easy. There’s a lot behind the Soda Works shopping area. Just don’t park in one of the 15 minute zones. You’ll never want to leave that fast.