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The Wedgewood-Rinconada neighborhood in west Los Gatos offers a very pretty approach along a gorgeous golf course. If you aren’t familiar with this part of town, you’ll want to get to know it!


Wedgewood-Rinconada neighborhood view - La Rinconada Country Club greens and golfers as seen from Wedgewood


Where is the Wedgewood-Rinconada neighborhood?


Wedgewood-Rinconada neighborhood map with notes - map by Mary Pope-Handy and Clair Handy * Click on image for larger view


This neighborhood is more or less a triangle or wedge shape. It skirts along the La Rinconada Country Club and its gorgeous greens on the south, Highway 85 (as well as the Union Pacific Trail, the train tracks, and high voltage power line easement) on the north,  and the Rio Rinconada neighborhood to the west. (There’s a jagged piece of land between Rio Rinconada and this area which belongs in part to the town and in part to the water district. It is for storm water or drainage. It is not the town’s border.)

The best known part of this neighborhood is Wedgewood Manor, a large condo complex off of Lora Drive.

The streets included are Wedgewood Avenue (most of it), Browns Lane (private), La Rinconada Drive, Mulberry Drive, and Lora Drive.

What is the neighborhood like?


This community is entirely residential except for one small church, the St. Basil the Great Byzantine Catholic Church (an eastern rite Catholic church).

The area mostly looks as though it’s unincorporated with few sidewalks, curbs, or gutters at the street. The town has been taking county pockets and getting them incorporated for many years, and this area IS incorporated and within the town’s limits today. I don’t know when this area transitioned to incorporated.

Also similar to unincorporated areas, there’s a lot of variety from one home to the next. Some are very modest and others expansive and posh. Some lots are highly polished and others look very rural.

Some of the nicest properties enjoy lovely golf course views.

At times, there can be a lot of cars on the various roads coming off of Wedgewood.

Many of the older homes have been either torn down and rebuilt or remodeled so extensively that they feel like younger homes. The neighborhood is transitional in that it is going through a period of rebuilding and improving. It is already a “good value” area of town, but with so many properties being improved it really adds to the upside potential for properties in this area.


What are homes like in the Wedgewood-Rinconada neighborhood?


One of the houses in the Wedgewood-Rinconada area


As mentioned above, this corner of Los Gatos has tremendous variety: homes can be quite old, small, and even not well tended in places, while others can boast large, newer homes with beautiful views of the golf course and the coastal mountain range beyond it. Home prices vary accordingly.

A typical house may be 50-60 years old, have about 2,000 SF of living space, 3-4 bedrooms, and sit on a parcel of about a quarter acre to a third of an acre.

Residences include

  • 1 duplex (on Wedgewood near the east side of the neighborhood)
  • 80 single family homes (though one parcel is enormous and has quite a few buildings with 12 bedrooms in all)
  • 130 condominiums in Wedgewood Manor and Lora Manor (107 in Wedgewood Manor and 23 in Lora Manor)

The single family home stats:

  • Average year built is 1967 (range 1900 or before to 2021, but at least one is being constructed now)
    • 13 were built before 1940
    • more than half of the houses were built before 1965 (46 of 80)
  • Average living space is 2028 SF
    • 12 houses under 1,000 SF (the smallest is 578 SF)
    • 11 are over 3,000 SF (two between 4,000 and 5,000 SF, and the largest SF is 6,478 SF)
  • Lot sizes also range – the average is about .29 of an acre, which is appx 12,632 SF. The median is 10,019 SF.
      • the smallest lot is 5,227 SF
      • the largest is 80,150 SF

For that super sized square footage home, there are a number of structures on the 80,000 SF lot, and it is said to have 12 bedrooms. I suspect that the square footage and bedrooms are not all in one building, but spread out over several of them.


Public Schools 


The Wedgewood-Rinconada neighborhood is part of the Campbell Union School District and the Campbell Union High School District.  The assigned schools are highly regarded and are a major draw for this part of Los Gatos:


Are there any special concerns?

Every area has pros and cons. Here the pros are easy to see and appreciate: larger lots, good public schools, great possibility of a return on investment for improvements made, scenic golf course views, and more.

The less desirable location elements involve the proximity of the freeway, high voltage power lines, and train tracks, primarily.

Some of the houses are older and the systems of the house (not just cosmetic elements) may need updating.

If you are close to the golf course, be aware that stray balls can happen!


La Rinconada Country Club 2024-05-09 11.59.07 - MPH

What does it cost to live in the Wedgewood-Rinconada neighborhood?


This is a low-turnover area, and with such diversity of home and lot sizes, quality, and remodeling, there’s not an easy answer findable right in the neighborhood. These unique homes will need to be compared with similar properties throughout the town, ideally with the same schools, the same general home size, age, and condition, etc.  Here are some sales of houses over the last 12 months:


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Here are recent sales of the condominiums at Lora Manor and Wedgewood Manor:


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