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February 03, 2010

Belgatos Park, lower level, February 2010What part of the Los Gatos parks don’t we need or use

Unfortunately, Los Gatos is not immune from the massive economic crisis we’re now enduring.  And that’s also true for the Los Gatos Parks Department.

Budget cuts are coming to the Los Gatos Parks Department.  So what can be cut? 

It’s always easy to say “no one uses” this or that park if you’re not there to see or use it.  One item on the potential chopping block is the upper meadow at Belgatos Park (shown above is the lower area, not far from the playground, the photo below is of the upper meadow).  The argument being made is that the water is expensive and no one uses that part of the park, so perhaps we should plant some trees and forget about maintaining a lawn.  Is that true?  Not when I’ve walked up the trail toward the resevoir.  The upper meadow is a great place for picnics, throwing a frisbee or enjoying some peace and quiet away from the playground, restroom, and the hill where kids slide down on cardboard  – we jokingly call that lower meadow and hill “cardboard hill” (seen above). 

Belgatos Park is at the far eastern edge of the town boundaries, so perhaps it seems extraneous.  But it is also connected to the Heinz Open Space Preserve and lots of connected trails.  Altogether is is a magnificent place for locals to enjoy the outdoors.

Belgatos Park upper meadowIf you were going t cut services to one of Los Gatos’s many parks, which one would you cut, where and why?  At one time, the playground at Belgatos Park was also eyed as a place to be cut to save some money, but local residents voiced their objection and the playground was refurbished.

Hopefully there will be a hearing before any needed cuts are made.  Meantime, ponder the question – what should be cut?