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June 18, 2007What Will Happen to the Land near Office Depot?

Date: Jun. 18, 2007
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The area near Los Gatos Boulevard and Lark Avenues in Los Gatos is full of potential and promise. On one corner, there lies a large (40 acre) orchard – the last large orchard in Los Gatos, actually. (Info on that parcel will be the material for tomorrow’s blog entry. Stay tuned!)  Kitty corner from that there’s a big retail area that was once a Flames restaurant and later an auto dealership (until an explosion and fire changed the course of history).

Homes line the back wall of this property and homeowners have not been happy about most of the proposals on how to develop the land, which now resembles an abandoned parking lot.

But recently, some headway was made here. The Mercury News reported that a large retail project has now been approved by the Los Gatos Town Council. Third time was a charm!

What’s on the way? A retail center and restaurant. And no, not everyone is happy.