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Village Lane in Los Gatos - home to Workshop and other great businessesTruly, Los Gatos is a great place to be pampered. With no shortage of choices, the difficulty isn’t whether or not to go to Los Gatos for that perfect haircut, but only where to go in Los Gatos for that perfect haircut.  The whole gamut exists here in terms of the type of “do” available and the environment in which to get it done. (Spoiler alert: my favorite is Workshop.)

For the last five or seven years, my stylist has been “J”, who runs Workshop in the Village Lane area of Los Gatos.  J is a down to earth guy who’s been doing hair for more than a decade. He’s easy to pass the time with, but even more, he does a wonderful job.

Elsa and Shane work alongside J in this offbeat, non-stuffy salon where the decor is anything but standard “California fare”. If you are expecting to hear Bocelli and see a Tuscan theme (neither of which do I mind), you’ll be surprised. It’s more like a Dia de Los Muertos scheme, purple and metallic silver paint, and kidney shaped mirrors at the stations. It’s fun, but nevermind the decor. These folks are friendly, skilled, and will make you look your best when you step out the door. The atmosphere is lighthearted, but the attention to detail is not. Finally, you won’t feel like you raided your kids’ college fund to have your hair done, either.

I can’t recommend J or Work Shop highly enough. (And no, this is not a paid endorsement. It’s just something I wanted to post since I’ve been so happy with J’s work for so many years.) It’s not the kind of place you are likely to just stumble upon – it’s a bit off the beaten path in the Village Lane area of Los Gatos.

White words on black background saying "Got ghosts?"So the location raises a question: since Village Lane used to be where the old Los Gatos Cemetery existed, is the place haunted?

There are plenty of Village Lane shops that certainly are.

“There are no bodies under this shop”, says J with certainty. Asked how he knows – after all, utility workers and others occassionally still bump into coffins when excavating some of the area – J replies that the area under Work Shop has been excavated for a parking garage.

While I love to hear ghost stories, especially local ones in Los Gatos, I have to say, in closing, that the only surprises you’ll have at Work Shop are pleasant ones.