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The Beyond Text bookstore has opened in downtown Los Gatos!  This newly launched, independent bookstore is very bright and wonderfully laid out. If you haven’t been, plan to visit it soon, you will be delighted that you did!

Exterior of Beyond Text bookstore on North Santa Cruz Avenue, Los Gatos


Beyond Text has a creative, welcoming feel from the moment you step inside. It reaches out to all ages, with children’s books being impossible to miss. The books themselves include a wide variety with classics, beautifully illustrated pieces, and new releases included among the offerings.

There’s tons of natural light, but also cozy (and still bright) nooks for reading and exploring. The books and other merchandise are creatively presented.


Book nook at Beyond Text

This spot for reading is particularly inviting with a creative collage of books on the rounded wall.


Seating area inside of Beyond Text, Los Gatos CA


And, of course, there are tables with displays and bookshelves throughout. Most of what is for sale are books, but you’ll also find board games, nick knacks, creative decor, jewelry, and more. When I visited, it felt like it was a new delight around every corner. This is a great place for buying unique and compelling gifts.


Display of books, jewelry, and decor


There are cute resin lamps for sale, too. In the table above there is one with a mouse.

Along the same lines, there are resin gorilla lamps, too;


Resin gorilla lamp at Beyond Text bookstore


Dragon bookends can be found, too.


Dragon bookends - the store is full of charming, fanciful, imaginative items for sale


About the Beyond Test bookstore’s owner

The creative genius and warm proprietor is Tanya Sedneva, a Los Gatos resident. We only chatted for a few minutes but she was very kind and welcoming, and I look forward to returning for gift shopping in the near future (when I was there I was focused on photos and info on the bookstore, and managed to forget actually buying anything, so a return trip will be imminent!).


Tanya Sedneva of Beyond Text bookstore in Los Gatos CA


She has a background in tech, and when she was laid off last year decided to go for her childhood dream of operating a bookstore.

Tanya has an Instagram account, and you can find her and info on Beyond Text bookstore there. On that site, I saw that she had the layout designed by Olga Kaleganova @0lga.kale (Olga’s IG page) and agree that Olga did a fabulous job!


Where is the Beyond Text bookstore?

Located at 318 N Santa Cruz Avenue Los Gatos, CA 95030, it’s just across Petticoat Lane from Pedro’s (which is currently closed for renovations).


10 am – 6 pm Tuesday through Sunday (closed on Mondays only)

No published phone number, email address, or website, but you can find Tanya and info / photos at


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