A resource for folks living in or moving to Los Gatos, by Mary Pope-Handy

What’s my home worth?

If you are a home owner and your property is not currently on the market, there are two ways that you can get information on your real estate’s likely market value.

1 – Want a personalized, human created market analysis?  Go to http://www.siliconvalleyhomevalue.com/ and complete the forms.  I will receive an email with that information and will get to work on your data.  Please allow a day or two.

2 – If a quick “auto comp” is what you want and you are OK with the limitiations of a radius only search (will miss zip codes, town or city boundaries, school districts), then complete the form below.

Silicon Valley area home owners:
Below you can enter your address and contact info and you will automatically get information on home sales closest to your property (irrespective of zip code, city boundaries, school district boundaries, etc.).  Any automated search will, of course, be fairly limited in its accuracy but for those who want something quick, this is an easy way to go.

If instead you would prefer something more accurate, please email me and provide me your name, phone number, address, and any important information (like “in original condition” or “addition of 500 square feet but no permits”) and I can get you a general range sight unseen.

For the very most accurate probable buyer’s value in today’s market, I would need to see the home and then crunch the numbers for you.

Please note:  this offer is for home owners whose property is not currently on the market or sale pending or purchased within the last 6 months.  This is not for home buyers or would-be home buyers.