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What’s my home worth?

What is my home worthWhat’s your Silicon Valley home worth in today’s market? 

1 – If a quick “auto comp” of your property’s worth is what you want and you are OK with the limitations of a radius only search for comps or comparable properties (will miss zip codes, town or city boundaries, school districts), then USE THIS LINK. I have an automated system that will get you info very rapidly. (Anyone may use this service. That’s not the case with the hand-pulled comps and analysis, offered below.)

2 – Want a personalized, human created market analysis?  Go to and complete the form.  I will receive an email with that information and will get to work on your data.  Please allow a day or two. Or email me with all the details The more details you provide, the more accurate my pricing for you will be.

3 – Looking for something rough and you don’t want to connect with an agent or complete a form? has info on just about every home and you can input your address and view 3 “auto comp” valuations. No need to log in. Just keep in mind that none of those sites has seen the inside of your home, none of them know about remodeling etc.

Red arrow leftFor the very most accurate probable buyer’s value in today’s market, I would need to see the home and then crunch the numbers for you.

Silicon Valley area home owners only, please – I’m not licensed in other states and don’t know markets beyond my own county or those adjacent to it (Santa Clara County is mine, nearby includes Santa Cruz and San Mateo, sometimes I go into Alameda or other nearby counties).

Please note:  this offer for my personally analyzing a home value is for home owners whose property is not currently on the market or sale pending or purchased within the last 6 months.  This offer is not for home buyers or would-be home buyers.