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A handful of streets on and off Blossom Hill Road make up the Winterbrook Rochin area. Residents there enjoy the highly acclaimed Los Gatos Union School District and a close proximity to Blossom Hill Elementary School, Blossom Hill Park, and much more. Many properties can boast a view of the coastal range, too.

Not every neighborhood in Los Gatos has a name, and I could not locate one for residential part of town, either, so I’m calling it the Winterbrook Rochin area as those streets bookend these homes.


Willowbrook Rochin area - view from Linda Avenue looking toward the coastal mountain range


Where is the Winterbrook Rochin area?

This pocket sits just a little east of Blossom Manor in east Los Gatos, separated from the Manor by Ross Creek, and it hits the eastern boundary of the Los Gatos Union School district for this part of town (a snippet of Los Gatos schools can be found in Almaden Valley off of Camden and Coleman in the farther side of the Campagna subdivision – that is the very far east boundary!).


Map of the Winterbrook Rochin area in Los Gatos


The streets include Winterbrook Road, Stephanie Lane, Linda Avenue (south of Ross Creek), Costances Court, Rochin Terrace,  Rochin Court, and part of Blossom Hill Road.


What are homes and streets like in the Winterbrook Rochin area?

This area has a lot of variety in home age, size, style and more. I pulled the data up in Realist, which provides MLS members info from the county records, for the following statistics.

Quick stats:

  • There are 76 single family homes in this neighborhood.
  • 49 of them are single story, the rest are 2 story homes.
  • The most modest homes have 2 bedrooms and 1 or 2 bathrooms. The largest has 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.
  • The houses have living space square footage from 850 SF to 6828 SF. Most houses have between 2,000 and 3,000 SF. (Three homes are under 1,000 SF. The three largest have 3,951, 4,646, and 6828 SF.)
  • Lot sizes range from 7823 to 65,213 SF
  • The oldest house was built in 1925, and the newest in 2020. The two oldest homes are on Linda. The three youngest are tear downs that were built new.
  • The newest subdivision is on Constaces Court. There are 7 houses there, 6 built in 2014 and 1 constructed in 2018.

Newer and older areas

Blossom Hill, Linda, Winterbrook, and Stephanie are all older areas. There you’ll find power poles near the street with the lines running at the front of the properties in many cases.

Rochin Rochin Terrace and Rochin Court were built mostly in the 1960s and 1970s, however the earliest was in 1952 and the most recent was 2020 (a rebuild, which is common in Los Gatos). Here you do find curbs and gutters, and some home owners have added an area next to them for those exiting cars or to use as a small, private sidewalk. But the town has not added any. The area appears to have underground utilities from what I can see.


Rochin Court - cul-de-sac view in the Willowbrook Rochin area



The newest section of the neighborhood is Constaces Court, built at the end of Linda Avenue. If you pull up Google Street View or the Satellite View, you’ll see that this area is called both Linda Ave and Constaces Court on the map! Here they do have underground utilities. This road is private, and it’s narrow – you cannot park on both sides of the street. Instead, there are niches periodically placed for that. This is common for younger developments.


Is the Winterbrook Rochin area incorporated or not?

This area appears to have started out as an unincorporated county pocket. Those areas often have no sidewalks, curbs, or gutters. In the first photo above, you can see that the left side of the image shows a curb and gutter, but the right side has neither. The right side is typical of county areas.

What about now? It is mixed. The Town of Los Gatos has been working to get these islands of county land brought into the town. A look at the zoning map reveals that today it’s mixed: some areas are town, some are county (with a Los Gatos mailing address).  For county area home owners touching properties in the town, if they want to rebuild, they will have to become incorporated and pay extra fees for the pleasure.


Willowbrook Rochin area of Los Gatos - town zoning map - click to view on town's website


The code R1 refers to residential developments and the 1:8 means 8 houses per acre. At Constaces Court you see R1:8:PD, and the PD stands for Planned Development.

What about sidewalks?

It’s mixed. There are sidewalks on Blossom Hill but not in the interior areas of this neighborhood, generally.


School District boundaries

Our local MLS provides the Realist records, provided by Core Logic, to members, and within that there is a program that displays school district lines. This program is confused about the boundary between the Los Gatos Union Sch0ol District and the Union School District, placing it right down the middle of Stephanie Lane. When in doubt, always check with the school district to see what is truly in or out. Here’s a snippet of the map on the Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District’s website, and I’ve outlined the Winterbrook Rochin area with an orange dotted boundary.


School District Boundaries in East Los Gatos with Winterbrook - Rochin area outlined


You can see that had the boundary just to the north continued on a straight line, it would have gone right through Stephanie, but it does not do that – it jogs to the right. This is important to understand because if Core Logic can get it wrong, so can other sites. Home values are influenced strongly by the assigned public schools and their scores, and it’s important to be clear on the actual boundary for that reason.

Looking for more information on Los Gatos neighborhoods? Please check out our page with our List of Los Gatos neighborhoods.  There you’ll see a linked  list of articles we have done, similar to this one, for other residential areas in town. Each link is a post about a particular neighborhood – it’s the most comprehensive info on Los Gatos neighborhoods anywhere on the web.


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