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September 11, 2007

My kids attended Casa MariaMontessori (sadly, now closed) and St. Mary’s Elementary School,both in Los Gatos. Many, many times I took them from school to thealso-now-closed Good Earth Restaurant on North Santa Cruz Avenue toenjoy hot cocoa and oversized cinnamon buns. It’s been years sincethat cheerful restaurant closed its doors, and my kids have not hada place in which to feast upon huge, locally baked cinnamon rollssince then.

Until now.

Cinnamon Buns from the Los Gatos Cafe Uptown - yum! Thanks to Google Alerts, I see most articles and blog poststhat come out with anything about our fair town (including somestupid stuff I could miss that actually has nothing to dowith the town of Los Gatos). Recently the San Jose Mercury News did a piece onThe Los Gatos Cafe Uptownand it mentioned the restaurant’s yummycinnamon buns.

The Handy teens, aged 18 and 16, had this to say about the rollsafter feasting on them last weekend:

“I’m not sure if I was just hungry or they were incredibly good,but with every bite I just kept wondering if there was a way to getmore into my mouth, it was so good….”


“It is really, really good when you eat it with the cinnamonbutter…”

Large & Delicious Cinnamon Bun from the Los Gatos Cafe Uptown The Good Earth is gone, but the happy sentimentsaroused by their much loved cinnamon buns are definitelyback. It’s a mouthful of nostalgia.

I’m sure that all of the food at “uptown” is good. I absolutelylove the original Los Gatos Cafe in downtown. I rather suspect thatthe “uptown” branch will bcome my favorite of the two as it has thegreat food but without the lines and crowds that I avoidat all costs.

But wherever you go, do order (or take home) a cinnamon bun.

(This is not a paid blog post, and in fact the owners of thisrestaurant do not know that this blog post was going to bewritten.)