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May 24, 2007

Property lines can be such a bear. The Town of Los Gatos owns a 13 acre parcel which is being used by the county in Vasona Lake County Park (leased, at no cost, since 1960, and the lease is due to expire in 2010).  The county, conversely, owns a 2/3 acre parcel of land which is being used by the town inside of Oak Meadow Park. (See image.)

Rather than continue renting, the powers that be want to sell the land in each case. The town is being offered a little more than $500,000 per acre for its land, but is being asked to purchase the county’s sliver for closer to $800,000.

The townsfolk are crying foul. Some feel that the town should hold onto the land because it’s too valuable to sell. Others want to keep it as town parkland so that it could be used for a sports field – as county park, it cannot be developed in that way but will be more open space recreation instead.

For now, though, the sale appears to be moving forward.

What will the town do with the money?

So far, no plans.